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How to Do Searches

Numbers: Use 5 digits minimum as explained earlier. Duplicate numbers were issued for at least 28 land grants. Waihona ‘Aina, for search purposes, has numbered the second record as XXXXX.2, i.e 05484.2. A triplicate number was issued in two cases and these records appear as XXXXX.3. There are also a few records which appear originally as XXXXXA and XXXXXB.

Names: the last name is given first. Searching can be done with first or last names. For a name beginning with Board of Trustees, or Trustees for, or an Evangelical Association connected with a church, Waihona 'Aina has instead listed the name of the Grantee as the; 1) Person for whom the land is held in trust, or 2) the specific Church held by the Association, unless the church name is not given, in which case the association is listed, or 3) Land specified as part of an Estate trust is searchable by any word in text file or by the name of the beneficiary. When in doubt, search for the ahupua‘a and the search table results will show you all your options.

Where initials stand for a first name, the terms kane male, or wahine female have been added to the name. Where first names are not familiar to the general public, such as in some Japanese, Chinese, English and even Hawaiian names, kane and wahine have also been added, where known.

For Portuguese names with a particle de, dos, da, i.e., such as de Costa or dos Reis, Waihona 'Aina has kept the particle before the name, however, searches can also be done with Costa or Reis alone.

For Chinese names with a possible double name, such as Chung Hoon, Chun Hoon, Ah Sing, the name is left as listed in the index but again, either part can be searched for in the name box.

Place: The district name is given both with its name at the time of the first records and correspond to names in the Mahele database and later names. Subsequent name changes for districts such as Kona to Honolulu District and many of Maui older districts become the all-encompassing Makawao are given both names where known. This practice allows you to correlate Land Grant Patents with Royal Patent Land Claims (later Land Claim Patents) and Boundary Commission records. The Ahupua‘a and area are given when the ahupua‘a name is known. The official State index at the Archives lists the area, such as Alewa Heights, but in our database you should be able to search for either Honolulu ahupua‘a or Alewa or both. A specific area is therefore the first way to do a search, but if nothing is found, try a larger known land area and your search results will show you various options.

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