Membership and Pricing

Individual Membership

The new document rates for individuals are listed below. These are current as of January 2018. Register for an account.

University of Hawaii Students

The Hamilton Library Hawaiian Collection at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, has a special arrangement for students working on Hawaiian topics, and if you are a student you should inquire about this service at the library. Once you have the registration token, apply for an account as student. This will give you access to purchase documents under the UH Library account.

Business Membership

Our new rate as of January 2018. Non-profits are now $215, business customers $332, and government agencies $537 yearly. With these subscription rates all documents are now at the flat rate of $26 for the average document, and $36 for the large records. Our typical clients use at least 30 or 50 documents yearly for research purposes and save during the process. Register for an account today.

If your business already has an account and you need access, please contact the account administrator to obtain the registration token. This will give you access to purchase documents under the business profile. Apply under an existing business.

About our Pricing

Board member, Mr. Kepa Maly, suggested our customers would like to know how we arrived at our pricing structure and what was involved in creating the first Waihona Aina database, The Mahele database, and we hope you find it interesting, informative and reassuring.

At the time we organized, the only precedent for on-line document databases, was the nationally known law service that provides documents on line to attorneys, at much higher prices than we envisioned for our customers. Although the professional marketing advice we got suggested we charge much more, we finally decided that a reasonable rate would be an amount less than it would take an individual to go to the archives, park and pay for parking, spend a minimum hour of research time and costs for xeroxing 1 record (of 3 or 4 or more documents). The cost of transportation, lodging and meals when you come from off-island or the mainland to access these records is not factored into the price.