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Claim Number: 00357
Claimant: Kaoo, Mikahala, wahine
Other claimant:Auwae, Kuihelani, husbands
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Lahaina
Ahupuaa: Kamani, Alio, Ilikahi, Polanui
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No. 357, Mikahala Kaoo
N.R. 104-105v2

A claim for a house lot. I, Mika Hala Kaoo, hereby state my house lot claim in Lahaina. One right to a house lot was from Hoapili. Another interest within this lot was from Kekauluohi. Here is how this lot lies: At the south corner lying to the east to midway of the lot is the place Hoapili Wahine gave me. From this place to the east corner is the place Kekauonohi gave me. On the south of these places is my lot in which the Ali`i had the basic right.

Also, I petition you, the Commissioners to Quiet Land Titles, for my claim within the lot of Hinau as follows: This is the house lot of Papa, being the lot at Kaluaokamano at this time being our house lot given by the Chiefs. Our former lot was taken. The substitute for our house lot which was taken for the Ali`i's people, is in Hinau's lot. It is three fathoms wide at the north corner lying to the west and its length is the same as the lot /of Hinau/.

Keka/uluohi/* awarded this place and that of Keaki haole equally. The witness of the return of this place to us is I. Kapena. Let it not be separated, that is my petition of this p ....

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.... to his place which is on the opposite side. Kaoo then enclosed his place on this side and on that side, also mauka of the road.

Kekauluohi then gave Papa the land which was required by Kaoo. Kapena heard Kekauluohi say that 3 fathoms of Kinaus land be given to Kaoo, but Kinau refused to give up her place which Kekauluohi had given to Kaoo. Kekauluohis wish to reimburse Kaoo for his labors was not fulfilled.

Makaulia, sworn, When Hoapili had sent for me to have a consultation with him, he said to give that property for Kaoo and I had agreed to do as he wanted me to do. When this talk with the chief was over and the time came to meet with Auhea, Auhea said to me:

Auhea: Increase that section for Kaoo.
Makaulia: That property mauka is for the Hawaiian.
Auhea: Give the section that could be used for planting.
Makaulia: Yes, your orders shall be done, for you are the master. That was the end of what I have known.

[Award 357; R.P. 3459; Kamani Lahaina; 1 ap.; 15 rods; Polanui Lahaina; 1 ap.; 1 Ac. 3 roods 6 rods (for Kuihelani); Alio Lahaina; 1 ap.; 1 Ac. 3 roods 6 rods; Ilikahi Lahaina; 1 ap.; 1 Ac. 3 roods 6 rods]