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Claim Number: 00341
Claimant: Kaauwai, Z.
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Wailuku
Ahupuaa: Kolea, Kapaaiki, Wailuku nei
Statistics: 5086 characters 854 words
No. 341, Z. Kaauwai
N.R. 93v2

Concerning my lots at Wailuku, I have three there. One is for J. Kelina, one for Kawailepolepo and Kailihiwa. The second place is unused, you know it Richards, it was always reserved when you surveyed the land of the cane growers of Wailuku.
I am, with thanks,
29 December 1847

A diagram of the lot of Kaauwai at Koloa in Wailuku, on Maui, being on the east of the houselot of Kekulakai's daughter. The first side lies:
South 80° East 5 chains 30 feet to the government road, turning
South 20° East 2 chains 39 feet to the government road, turning
South 11° East 12 chains 41 feet to the government road, turning
South 85° West 9 chains 50 feet along the land of the school on this side, then turning again to the place of beginning
North 6° 30' West 15 chains 38 1/2 feet.
Containing 12 acres, 5 roods. /See diagram./ [No diagram in this text]
Surveyed by John Richardson
January 12, 1847

F.T. 100-101v15
No. 341, Z. Kaauwai

Malaiki, hoohikiia, Ua ike au i kona pahale ma Wailuku nei.

Penei na palena:
Mauka, Pahale Kula ia E. Bailey
Waiehu, he Alanui me Auwai
Makai, Alanui Aupuni e hele ai i Waikapu
Waikap ....

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.... on the south and the prison patch and Kuihelani's property are on the west side.When Kawailepolepo died Wailuku here went to Kailihiwa and he gave this place to Kaauwai. There are no other interest on this, but it is under Kailihiwa.

A statement by Kaauwai:Kauhapa does not know anything else. It is Kahauolopua who knows well.

Kahauolopua, sworn by the Bible, This property in Koloa here is for Z. Kaauwai. He had received it from the time of Auwae. Auwae had received it from Mika Lina and Mika Lina had received it from Hoapili. I do not know how Hoapili had this (land) because I was at Olowalu. No other interest, only Z. Kaauwai is in this property; however, one side of the property is from Kawailepolepo. No one has objected to Kaauwai until the present time.

Lot 3, Z. Kaauwai has another lot which is at Kapaaiki and was idle at one time. Kailihiwa had given Kaauwai that place, and it was fenced previously. No one has objected about these things and there is no other interest within these lots. There is a house with a man in it who has not rights there for he is under Kaauwai.
See page 203 [See No. 342]

[No. 341 not awarded; See 407 and 1742; See also 342 for Native Testimony documents for 341-342]