Mahele Documents

Claim Number: 00272
Claimant: Booth, Joseph
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Nuuanu St, Kiwalo
Statistics: 8782 characters 1437 words
No. 272, 273, 274, Joseph Booth, claimant, Honolulu, November 27, 1846
F.R. 171v1

Honorable Gentlemen:
I beg to submit to you for your consideration the following claims of lands &c granted to me at sundry times by the late Kapihi, and since confirmed to me & my heirs forever by his present Majesty and the late Premier Kekauluohe.

1. A house lot in Honolulu, formerly known as the Eagle Tavern.
[margin note:] counter No. 260

2. A portion of the estate of Kiwalo, consisting of the ridge of mountain pasturage called Haili; the enclosure now known as Little Greenwich Hospital with a strip of land and kalo patches a little above, and five kalo patches a little below it in the ili called Kapuni and

[margin note:] Received 1 October 1847, 1 map and 4 surveys by Metcalf, 6 deeds, 4 surveys, & 1 plan, Returned to claimant by the Board on 17 January 1848, JHL.

3. Three fish ponds, and a part of the plain near the road leading to Waikiki.

I beg to inform you that I have had the above all properly surveyed, and that I am ready to produce the plans when called upon, also that the deeds were all recorded by his Excellency, J.P. Judd, who together with Mr. Wyllie and Dr. Rooke are acquainted with the particulars. The original documents can however be produced if required.
Signed, Joseph Booth
To the Honorable Board of Commissioners for quitting land titles

See Transactions page 88 [?]

F.T. 27-28v2
Claim No. 272, Joseph Booth, 243 and 274, October 1 [1847]

House lot in Honolulu, formerly known as the Eagle Tavern, See page 513

[margin note: Received A1, B1, C1, each intitialed by JHS, Secretary]

1st document produced is a lease from Kapihi of the land to Joseph Booth for life at 40 dollars per annum.

2d document shews that the King inherits the land at Kapihi's death, and confirms it to claimant on the same terms.

3rd document is a grant from the King of the reversionary interest in this grant to Doctor Rooke at the death of Joseph Booth.

Z. Kaauwai, sworn deposed, he knows the handwriting of Kekauluohi, and that her signature to this deed from Kamehameha III and herself to T.C.B. Rooke is genuine, dated 6th September 1844.

R.C. Wyllie, Esquire, F.M. [Foreign Minister?] sworn, acknowledged he had witnessed the signature of T.C.B. Rooke and registered this document at the British Consulate when he was British Pro-Consul [pro-tempore], as far as his recollection and belief extend. And that it is a bona fide transaction.

Thomas Richardson, sworn deposed, He witnessed the signatures to the lease from Kapihi to Joseph Booth dated 12th August 1840, and knows them to be genuine, and that John Nichols, the other witness is dead.

F.T. 513v2
[272, Joseph Booth] Document A relating to claim No. 272, Joseph B ....

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.... ph Booth, and is to remain his to the period of his death. Before these lands formerly belonged to Kapihi, now deceased, and were left by will to Kamehameha III.

On the death of the said Joseph Booth, both their places are to become the property of Dr. Rooke, and his heirs born within the Kingdom of Hawaii. If the said Dr. Rooke shall wish to give away or see to any person born within the Kingdom of Hawaii, he shall be at liberty to do so, but not to any subject of a foreign country, he being subject to the laws of the Hawaiian Islands without resistance, and yielding compliance with the laws of the land.

Know all men that I, Kamehameha II, consent that Joseph Booth may live on the place given him by Kapihi; and enjoy all the privileges allowed in their mutual written agreement, as he does at the present time. This document is agreed to by me in this month of August 14th day in the year of our Lord 1844.
Signed, Kamehameha III.
We have hereunto set our names and seals of the Kingdom on this 6 September 1844, Kamehameha III, Kekauluohi (Signed, seal)

N.T. 329v3
No. [No. 262], 272B, Joseph Booth, October 9, 1848

That you may know that I, Kamehameha III, have consented that Keo Bu may live on the places Kapihi has given him and enjoy all the rights exactly as contained in their written agreement and shall love accordingly at this time. This document has been approved by me in the month of August 24, in the year of our Lord, one thousand, eight hundred and forty-two. Kamehameha III

N.T. 330v3
No. [272], 272C, Joseph Booth, September 9, 1848

This document expresses the thoughts of those who own the kingdom.
Because of the extensive help afforded us by Dr. T.C.B. Rooke, the man who has guarded us well, we /two/ are granting through this document a portion of Kewalo which Joseph Booth has at the present time until his death, together with a house site in Honolulu called "Eagle Tavern". This is adjoining the place whereon William Harbottle is living and Joseph Booth had acquired this to have until death. These lands have been for Kapili, who is dead, which he had bequested to Kamehameha III.

Upon the death of Joseph Booth, these places will then be for Dr. Rooke and his heirs who are born in the Hawaiian kingdom and should he desire to give or probably sell, he must do so to one born in the kingdom of Hawaii and never to any Caucasian of a foreign country, and he may have the protection of the Hawaiian laws when he does live according to the laws of the land.
[Margin note: Insertions in p. 3. line 7, by G.L. Kepau. Honolulu, September844]

We hereby write our signatures on this 6th day of September 1844 and sealing it with the seal of the government.
Kamehameha III,Kekauluohi

[Award 272; R.P. 301; Nuuanu St. Honolulu Kona; 1 ap. .25 Ac.];