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Claim Number: 06498
Claimant: Kakio
Other claimant:
Other name: Kokio
Island: Maui
District: Lahaina
Ahupuaa: Kainehe
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[No. 6498-6500], [Kakio], Lahaina, February 3, 1848
N.R. 394v6

Hear ye, ye Land Commissioners sitting on the Island of Oahu. We hereby state our claims for house lots, mo`os, lo`is, and breadfruit trees. Our names are below:

No. 6498, Kakio. 5 mo`o, 1 pauku of taro, 4 breadfruit trees, 1 house lot
No. 6499, Nakoelua 2 mo`o, 1 house lot, 2 breadfruit trees.
No. 6500, Pihalaalaau 2 mo`o, 1 house lot
Those are our claims.

F.T. 108-109v7
Cl. 6498, Kakio, See page 170

Nakoelua, sworn, I know the lands of the claimant. They are in "Kainehe" Lahaina. They consist of a house lot and kula in one piece, and one piece of kalo land up mauka of 5 lois.

The claimant received these lands from Aki in 1845 and he has held them without dispute ever since. J. Piikoi is the Lord of the land.

The house lot and kula piece is bounded:
Mauka by "Hanakaoo"
Olowalu by my land and a path
Makai by the Alanui Aupuni
Kaanapali by "Puunoa."

The kula piece is bounded:
Mauka by "Kalimaohe"
Olowalu by the high pali
Makai by the creek of Kahoma
Kaanapali by the same.

(See further testimony in this claim)

F.T. 170v7
Cl. 6498, Kokio, See page 108

This claim has been partly heard before (See page 108)

Samuela Jackson, born in Madras, sworn, I know the land of the claimant. It is in Kainehe, Lahaina. It consists of a house lot and kula in one piece and a kalo land of 5 lois.

My wife, Aki, gave this land into the charge of Hookio [Kokio] in 1845, but the care of the land was all he had. He did not take proper care of the land. He did not plant it as he ought and he was told to leave it about two weeks ago. He said I will go for I have plenty of business in killing beef. The land never was his but is for Piikoi (the claimant was sent for three times to appear befo ....

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.... house belonged which he occupied.

Mahoe, sworn, says Aki (the konohiki) directed him to look for a hoaaina to cultivate her land. He did so & brought Kokio to her. Kokio lived in Aki's house and cultivated her land both makai and mauka (Witness says that Nakoaelua, Piikoi's man, endeavoring to wrong Kokio out of this land for his own advantage)
continued page 73

F.T. 73v15 & N.T. 73v15
No. 6498, Kokio, (from page 59)

Disputed by Piikoi.

Upai, sworn, says Kokio was the hooaina of "Kainehe" from the year 1841 to the year 1845, and paid the tax of that land from three to seven dollars every year to witness, who was then the Tax Collector.

N.T. 2v5

No. 6467!, Kakio, Cont. page 53
[Should be No. 6498]

Nakoaelua, sworn, He has seen Kakios interest in Kainehu ahupuaa of 5 patches and a pasture, the sections of the two parcels are:

Section 1 - Pasture.
Mauka by Hanakoo
Olowalu Nakoaelua's land
Makai by Road
Kaanapali by Puunoa?.

Section 2 - Taro.
Mauka by Kalimaole ?
Olowalu Pali
Makai by Stream
Kaanapali by Kahoma ?

Interest from Aki in 1845, it has been filed, no objections.

N.T. 53v5

No. 6498, Kokio, from page 2

Work has been done previously on this claim by Piikoi, Kokio had been in error in claiming this interest.

Keahina, sworn, He has seen these sections which Kokio had claimed, he (Kokio) has no interest here. Keahina's wife had given Kokio custody of the interest only, the interest belonged to Piikoi. Aki had given it to him in 1845, Kokio had been summoned before the land commissioners, but he had not responded. 1 house lot and a pasture.

Section 2 - 5 patches - 8 patches is absolutely correct.

[Award 6498; R.P. 5596; Kainehe Lahaina; 2 ap.; 3 roods 20 rods; 6478 also awarded]