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Claim Number: 06467
Claimant: Kahikona
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Wailuku, Kaanapali
Ahupuaa: Waiehu, Kahakuloa
Ili: Paleileila, Kukuipukaiki
Statistics: 5051 characters 896 words
No. 6467*M, Kahikona, Lahaina, February 1, 1848
N.R. 386-387v6

Greetings to all you Land Commissioners: I hereby explain my claim at Kumimi on Molokai. It was from Kuakamauna and Hoapili ma. I have not stopped thinking of Kumimi, because I was not tried in court. Kekauluohi's treatment of me is like theft. My claim should be returned by you. This is finished.

Furthermore, concerning my half of Puupaku in Hilo, Piikoi divided a half for the Mo`i,a nd my half should be entered by you, so as to belong to me.

Furthermore, concerning our lands at Kahakuloa, the two Kuikuipukas - one is for Kaua and one is for me. We received our right from Hoapili.

Furthermore, in Paleileiha of Kanaina, I have three mo`o. The name is Kaluahakuone. Those are my places in this land. That is my land claim.

/*Referring to having been jailed by Kekauluohi for refusing to give up Kumimu./

F.T. 114v7
Cl. 6467, Kahikona

Kana, sworn, I know the land of the claimant called Kumimi in Molokai. It is a Ahupuaa. He received it from Hoapili wahine in the year 1827 and held it up to the year 1840 in peace, when Kekauluohi drove him from it because he said he had not received his possession from Kekauluohi.This was like denying that great chief. Upon this she sent her man to drive him from the land. He went to the King, and he told him to remain on his land. He did so, but Kekauluohi pursued him and threw him into prison and left him in irons because he denied her. At last at the entreaty of Mr. Richards he was let out of prison but his land was never restored. It was gi ....

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.... s five moos in this ili, but the great [?] ili belongs to Kanaina. The moos have no names and I cannot describe them well.

N.T. 6-7v5
No. 6467, Kahikona

Kua, sworn, He has seen his (Kahikona) interest in the ahupuaa of Kumimi in Molokai. This Hoapili had given Kahukona this interest in 1827, no one had opposed him until 1840, Kekauluohi put Kahikona in claims [chains?] and took his land away from him. William Likelike and Kama helped to release him.

Mumuku, sworn, He has seen Kahikona live there, it had been given to him in 1827. Pikanele sworn: The king had given (land) to Nahienaena, Nahienaena to Mr. Hoapili then from him to Mrs. Hoapili, Mrs. Hoapili gave it to Kahikona in 1827. It remained this way until 1840, when it was taken from him. he had refused to give it up for the land had been from the King. One claim was that Auhea had given this land to Kuini, however, Kahikona disagreed and persistently declared that this land had been from the King, therefore he was bound in claims [chains?] and without just cause.

A diversion was made in that 1/2 of Pueopaku in Hilo was for the government and the other 1/2 for Kahikona.

Kaua, sworn, He has seen Kahikona's interest, the ahupuaa Kukuipukaiki in Kahakuloa which Mrs. Kahikona had given to Kahikona (chief) through Mokihio in 1841 and it has been that way to the present time.

Z. Kaauwai sworn He has seen the ili land Paleileila of Waiehu ahupuaa which Kanaiana had given Kahikona where he has lived. It has become his (interest) permanently.

[No. 6467 not awarded, See Hilo HawaiiNo. 5237; Maui not awarded]