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Claim Number: 06245*O
Claimant: Kalaeokekoi
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: King St., Kamakela
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No. 6245*O, Kalaeokekoi
N.R. 268-269v5

To the Land Commissioners: Here is my claim which is stated to you: Laupahoehoe Ahupua`a at Hamakua, Hawaii. Kamakela `Ili in Honolulu, Oahu, One house lot in Lahaina, Maui. One horse enclosure at Kamakela, Honolulu, Oahu. One house lot in the city. It is as follows: Ukalimoa directed that I was to be above, in the lot, and Kapokini was under me, and I was to care for Kapokini until his maturity. By the direction of Nakookoo, to Kalakini and myself, to enter the house lot on the southeast side of the lot of Keleawa; this right was for us. One house lot is at Nuuanu, below the front of the place of the ali`i.
Honolulu, February 4, 1848

The diagram of the lot of Kalaeokekoi in the City of Honolulu on Oahu. It is bounded on the north by the house lot of Hewahewa and of Maalahia, on the east by Maalahia's house lot, on the south by a small road between this lot and the house lot of Mika Ki /Mr. Key?/, on the west by Church Street.

Beginning on the mauka edge of Church Street, on the north side also of a road between this lot and the house lot of Mika Ki, the first side lying:
North 35° East 1 chain 45 6/12 feet to the south corner of the house lot of Maalahia, turning
North 53° 30' East 2 chains 38 3/12 feet, to the east corner of another lot of Maalahia, turning:
South 39° West 2 chains 33 feet to the offset of the lot of Hewahewa at a place also, close to a hau tree in this lot, then turning to the place of beginning
South 69° 15' East 2 chains 50 10/12 feet.
Containing an area of 5 chains, 61 fathoms 11 feet, square.
Surveyed by John Richardson, April 21, 1847


F.T. 329-330v3
Cl. 6245, Kalaeokekoi, 3 April, 1851, Counter 11029, John Stevenson, See 236 volume 10

H.H. [His Honor?], John Young, sworn, I know Kalaeokekoi, now dead. He lived in Honolulu & died 21 October 1849. I was present when he died, also the King, Queen, Governor Kekuanaoa & others.

The lands of Kalaeokekoi at his death consisted of the Ili of Kamakela in Honolulu & the Ahupuaa of Lapahoehoe in Hamakua, Hawaii. Formerly these lands belonged to the King, who gave them to Kapokini who sailed with Boki & then gave them to Haalilio. Haalilio, when he went abroad, gave them to the King and the King gave them to Kalaeokekoi, child of Kapokini by Keaka. Kalaeokekoi was ....

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.... kele ili in Honolulu and Laupahoehoe in Hawaii and these were from the King. These lands were acquired by Kapokini from the King and at the time he had gone on a trip with Poki, he directed /his interest/ to Haalilio, his young brother. When Haalilio went to Tahiti, he returned all of these sections of land to the King who during the 1848 Mahele gave these lands to Kalaeokekoi, the son of Kapokini with another woman, named Keaka. I have not know his heir nor the land distribution of J. Stevenson's interest. It was customary for the natives to have residents' rights on the land because Nakookoo has custody of this land from the time of Kapokini, Haalilio and Kalaeokekoi to the present time. I have seen Stevenson live there continuously and I have heard he had received a parcel of land during the lifetime of Kalaeokekoi, altho' I have never gone there, nor have I know that he had a house lot or a garden; perhaps it is not known.

See page 241, volume 10.

N.T. 236v10
No. 6245, Kalaeokekoi, 16 June 1853, for Keaka, See page 241, volume 10, page 763, vol. 3

Nohea (female), sworn, I have seen his house lot at Makalaukalo of Hananakapuaa in Lahaina, Maui.

The boundaries are:
Mauka by a pond
Olowalu by husband of Kapoli, Namauu's land
Makai by sea, beach
Kaanapali by Nohea's place.

This lot to Keaka from Nohea and her husband at the time of Liliha's death in 1839 nd he has been living there peacefully to the present time, they have given this place outright to Keaka.

Kelaeokekoi is a nephew son for Keaka and he had registered this land in his name for Keaka. Kalaeokekoi, here (Keaka) nephew has died and Keaka, his aunt has this land. It was not bequested to the heirs of Kalaeokekoi because it was not his own land. It was for Keaka.

N.T. 241v10
No. 6245, Kalaeokekoi (from page 236), (from 763 Vol. 3)

Kalaeokekoi's lands in the Mahele Registry.
Kamakela ili of Honolulu, Kona, Oahu.
1 Laupahoehoe ahupuaa Hamakua, Hawaii.
A.G. Thruston, Clerk
Interior Department, 8 July 1853

[Award 6245; (Hawaii) R.P. 8182; Laupahoehoe 2, Hamakua; 1 ap.; 2350 Acs; (Maui) R.P. 2659; Makalaukalo Lahaina; 1 ap.; .18 Ac.; Kalaeokekoi for Keaka (Oahu) R.P. 2659; King St. Honolulu Kona;1 ap.; .18 Ac.; R.P. 1985; Kamaakela Honolulu Kona; 6 ap.; 13.91 Acs; R.P. 6764, Kaaleo Honolulu 1 ap., 3.68 Acres]]