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Claim Number: 05938
Claimant: Papahu
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Koolaupoko
Ahupuaa: Waikane
Ili: Kaiki, Mamane, Kahalaa
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No. 5938, Papahu
N.R. 184v5

To the Land Commissioners, Greetings: I hereby petition for my claim in the 'Ili of Kiki, Ahupua'a of Waikane, District 6, Division 2, Island of Oahu. There are three lo'i, one kula, one house site, one mala of coffee and six weed-grown lo'i. The mala of coffee is in another ku; it adjoins Kaiwi's place, however, the right was from ancient times. The right to the taro lo'i was from Kamakea and Kapiioho. The right was from Namauu to Kapiioho, from Kamehameha III.

F.T. 79v11
No. 5938, Papahu

Kekoaehulukea Hoohikiia, Ua ike au i kona aina ma Kaiki i Waikane, Koolaupoko

Apana 1. 3 loikalo, a me ka kahuahale ma ka ili o Kaiki
Apana 2. 1 loikalo, a me ka kahuahale ma ka ili o Mamane
Apana 3. 1 mala kope i Waikeekee ma ka ili o Kahalaa

Apana 1.
Mauka, ka muliwai o Waikane
Koolauloa, ko Hao loi, a me ka poalima
Makai, kahakai
Kailua, pela no

Apana 2.
Mauka, ko Kaheana aina
Koolauloa, pela no
Makai, he pali auwai
Kailua, he kahawai o Waikane

Apana 3.
Mauka, he kahawai o Waikeekee
Koolauloa, pela no
Makai, he pali
Kailua, pela no

No Kapiioho mai ka Apana 1 i ka M.H. 1840.Ap. Aka, ua noho mua no oia malaila a me kona mau makua mai ka wa mai i K.I.[Kamehameha I] a hiki i keia wa. Apana 2. No Kaikaina mai i ka 1834. Apana 3. no Puuwuewue ia mai nawa hookahi no, aole mea keakea

Kaheana Hoohikiia, Ua ike au i kona aina a like loa me ka Koaehulukea.

Kaikaina Hoohikiia, Ua ....

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.... 48/100 acres for which we have paid the Government in cash $1,884.48 besides for deed 4.00 and for surveying 18.00. [total] $1,906.48

4. That we have acted in the whole transaction in the most perfect good faith, and made every effort, before our deed was perfected, to have all claims settled. We even went personally, and sent notice by letter, and verbally on several occasions to have claimants appear and prove their claims, as required by the rules of your Board. We did not press the perfecting of the deed, but left the Government entirely free to take its own time in the matter.

We therefore most earnestly protest against the awarding of any claims included in our Royal Patent, not specially exempted in the instrument itself, as above set forth.

It is unnecessary for us to do more that faint [?] at the confusion that must ensue, and the destruction of all confidence in land titles, if Royal Patents are allowed to be disturbed, and purchases of government land subjected to litigation and annoyance in maintaining their rights. There are points upon which every member of your Board will be able to pass a just opinion, and see their bearing.

We therefore submit the above fact, and make this our protest, in the full behalf that you will make no awards to conflict with the Royal Patent we hold, and for which we have paid the government a full and fair equivalent.
Very respectfully, Your obedient Servants
Edwin 0. Hall, Henry Dimone [Dimone or Simone]

[Award 5938; R.P. 189; Kaiki Waikane Koolaupoko; 1 ap.; 2.72 Acs; Mamane Waikane Koolaupoko; 1 ap.; .18 Ac.]