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Claim Number: 00239
Claimant: Haalilio, Hana Hupa
Other claimant:
Other name: Hooper, Hannah Haalilio
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Statistics: 5661 characters 985 words
No. 239, [Hana] Mana, Honolulu, October 1846
N.R. 9-10v2

Greetings to the Land Commissioners: I am explaining my house lot. We two lived /there/ with our makua where Kamamalu said to live, close to the place of the kumu /teacher/ and we all lived with Kahuhu ma. When we were settling there, there was no house at that place, and we surrounded it completely with a fence. At this time a makuahine of mine came down, Kamakahelei, and her kane, Kaihuhoho, and we lived together. We were afraid that our /we two/ makuakane would die and their place which was within our lot, would be separated, however, they were living peacefully under us, and also Naao and his wahine, and upon their death their place was returned to us, and when all the makua had died, we two keikis were left, all the rights of this place became ours. When our makuahine, Kamakahelei died, she commanded us, with the word of the Lii, that it should go to the kane, Keolewa, that it was his. Thus were her words, which she thought of, directing us that her kane should live in the house under our authority, and we should care for him and not harm him, and if he did wrong to us the keikis, then we should end /his tenure./ But we had affection for him, and /now/ we hear that he has petitioned independently to you, saying that he had a right in this house lot, and /if/ his parcel is independent, he is independent because of whom? I tell you that Keolewa has a right to the house as in the bequest of Kamakahelei, to live under us. We have not denied him, but his petition is to acquire a parcel, as in his getting a surveyor and surveying to separate his parcel, to be situated here, with his thought of absolutely denying that we are the ones with the true right. Therefore we think to tell you the truth, because there are many witnesses to our occupation of this place. Kindly consider this ex ....

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.... : "Go and tell Hana Haalilio that their place is for them." I told them the boundary of their place which is the makai boundary is on the mauka side of the kawaiahao Church and Puawaina is on the north side. Later when they had started to build a fence I went there to show them the original boundary. The governor again sent word to me saying, "Move Hana's fence to there because Honokaupu had asked me for a place here." I had told Hana before hand to build the fence where it is up now if Puawaina Street does not move to the south but should the street remain as the same layout, then move the fence to the north.

I have seen Kamakahelei's place. There are several houses standing there with only one fence, the same one from Kahuhu to Kamakahelei's fence. I have known from my work there that the property is for Hana Haalilio in the year 1838. At that time the place had not been enclosed. I have not known whether the place was for H. Haalilio or for Keolewa perhaps. I know only from what I had done for that place."

Namakeha, sworn by the Word of God and stated, "This property is at Kawaiahao in Honolulu here. The boundaries are similar with those which have been stated here. I have known for a long time Hana Haalilio, Kahuhu and John Ii. Ponunu did build a fence and had lived there. After returning from the battle of Kauai, I had seen Polonu there. I did not see anyone else living there after the death of Ponunu.

I think Keaki is the husband, Polunu is the wife; Neki, a young brother and Hana Haalilio is the older sister. I think that property is for them. I have seen kaihuhoho and Naaoa living there in the year 1824. Polonu and Kahuhu are the old-time residents whom I have known and feel to be true native born citizens; however, I do not know this very clearly."

[No. 239 not awarded]