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Claim Number: 05757
Claimant: Kamakahiki
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Lahaina
Ahupuaa: Olowalu
Ili: Kaumukukahi, Kamani 1, Kamani 3, Wailoa, Hawaikekee
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No. 5757, Kamakahiki
N.R. 329-330v7

To the Land Commissioners, Greetings: I, the one whose name is below, hereby state my claim to you.

There are some lo`is at Olowalu on the Island of Maui, in the `Ili named Kaumukahi, 12 lo`i. One is at Hawaiikekee, one is at Kamani, one is at Wailoa, there are two other mo`o, and the two enclosures within the land, and makai also is one enclosure.

Furthermore, there is the place of my makuahine. She has no kane, and I, the keiki, am the one who assists her. There are 29 /lo`is/; they are very small and /include/ her house claim. Her claim is known of by Commissioner Kaauwai, but it has been enclosed by fence by the new people. The new people occupied it long after 1843, whereas the length of my makuahine's occupancy was from 1830. These are the explanations to the Commissioners in whom the Mo`i has placed his power.

F.T. 228v7
Cl. 5757, Kamakahiki

Peekauai, sworn, I know the lands of the claimant. They are in Olowalu and are as follows:

No. 1 is a kalo land in Kaumukukahi.
No. 2 is a klo land in Kaumukukahi.
No. 3 is a house lot in Kaumukukahi.
No. 4 is a kula land in Kamani 3.
No. 5 is one loi in Kamani 1.
No. 6 is one section of kula in Kamanai 1.
No. 7 is one loi in Wailoa.
No. 8 is a house lot and kula in Wailea.
No. 9 is one loi in Hawaiikakee.

The claimant received these lands ....

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Peekauai, sworn, He has seen 9 sections in these ilis here in Olowalu. Laahili had given this interest in 1829, no objections. Here are the boundaries:

Section 1 - Taro section at Kaumukukahi.
Mauka by Kuewa and Peekanai's land
Hana by Olowalu pali
Makai and Kaanapali by Pali/stream.

Section 2 - Taro section in Kaumukukahi.
Mauka by Kanakaole's land
Hana by Nakaikuaana's land
Makai by Keahi
Kaanapali by Naeha's land.

Section 3 - House lot at Kaumukukahi.
Mauka and Hana by Naea's land
Makai by Sea
Kaanapali by Naela's land.

Section 4 - Pasture at Kamani 3.
Mauka and Hana by Pali
Makai by Pali.

Section 5 - 1 patch at Kamani 1
Mauka and Hana by Paele
Makai by Hale's land
Kaanapali by Olowalu stream.

Section 6 - Pasture in Kamani 1.
Mauka by Naea's land
Hana by Kawahaohi
Makai by Maui's land
Kaanapali by School.

Section 7 - 1 patch at Wailoa.
Mauka and Hana, Makai by Haole's land
Kaanapali by E. Maui's land.

Section 8 - House lot and pasture in Wailoa.
Mauka by Kanana's land
Hana and Makai by Naea's land
Kaanapali by E. Maui's land.

Section 9 - 1 patch at Hawaiikakee.
Mauka by Keakaikawai
Hana by Naea's land
Makai and Kaanapali by Keakaikawai.

[No. 5757 not awarded]