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Claim Number: 05265
Claimant: Kawainui
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Honuaula
Ahupuaa: Palauea, Waipao, Paeahu, Papaanui, Keauhou
Ili: Kahulu
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No. 5265, Kawainui K., Honuaula, 17 January 1848
N.R. 254-255v6

Greetings to the Land Commissioners: I, Kawainui, hereby state my claim for three moku mau`u* in Waipao.

At Papaanui are 3 moku mau`u, however they have been lost to the foreigner.

At Kalihinui is a mala of taro.
It is in Keauhou of Maaweiki. The witnesses are Paaluhi, Uluehu and Kauwiki.

Furthermore, there is a small house lot at Waipai, makai. On the north is the house lot of Paaluhi, on the east is the trail, and on the south also, a trail, on the west is the landing. The witnesses are Uluehu and Paaluhi.

I believe I have a claim to all these things.
Furthermore, there are five Irish potato mala. The witnesses are Makalele and Paaluhi.

/No data, but believed by the Translator to be arable pockets of soil in rocky terrain/

F.T. 37v15
No. 5265, Claims in "Paeahu" Maui from N.T. v.7 p. 139, Lahaina, 19th November 1852

K. Pikanele, sworn, stated in reference to certain claims in "Paeahu" the land of Mr. Goodale, that the never gave land to any of these, while he was Konohiki of same land. but they were allowed to plant potatoes on some parts of the land under the Konohiki - Those referred to are Ainua (5369), Kuihelani (5281), Naale (5363), Kaneiholaui (5265), Ohula (10580), Wahie (10964) Koukaiwa (5200), Kaakole (2435), Pepeeaonui (7975).

Witness says these people have no real kuleanas in the Mauka part of the land, but he thinks they have claims to some of the makai part where they have occupied and cultivated - going to the labor of the konohiki.

F.T. 75v16
No. 5265, Kawainui, Honuaula, Feb. 28, 1854

Ua anaia 2 apana aina e Mr. Turner, a koe hookahi apana, aole anaia, ua kuaiia nae e Mr. Yower a lilo ia Maawiki.

Kekuelike hoohikiia, Ua ike au i kela apana ....

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.... serve them.

N.T. 121v7
No. 5265, Kawainui, August 9, 1849

Kekaula, sworn, he has seen four sections.

Section 1 - Pasture in Palauea ahupuaa.
Section 2 - Pasture in Palauea ahupuaa.
Section 3 - Pasture in Keauhou ahupuaa.
Section 4 - Pasture in Kalihi ahupuaa.

Sections 1-2 from Hihio in 1844. Section 3 used for farming gratis in 1840. Section 4 from Kaihee in 1843. No one objected to Kawainui.

Section 1:
Mauka by Konohiki
Kula by Kaunuhipuka
Makai by Kahaoa
Kahikinui by Kahleokaia.

Section 2:
Mauka by Paaluhi
Kula by Konohiki
Makai by Government trail
Kahikinui by Kuauli.

Section 3:
Mauka by Kaaihee
Kula by Kaumana
Makai by Hulipahu
Kahikinui by Kekaula.

Section 4:
Mauka by Kahale
Kula by Konohiki
Makai by Kaolelo
Kahikinui by Ahupili.

N.T. 75v16
No. 5265, Kawainui, Honuaula, 28 February 1854

Mr. Turner has surveyed 2 pieces one remaining piece has not been surveyed. Mr. Gower bought it and Maaweiki has it now.

Kuekuelike, sworn, I have seen that land section in the ili of Mahana of Keauhou 1, Honuaula.

No. 1 - A small potato land.
Mauka by Paaluhi's land
Kaupo by Ohia's land
Makai by Government land
Kula by Palanea ahupuaa.

Land from Maaweiki before the death of Kinau in 1838 or 1839 probably.

Kawainui lived peacefully to 1853, Mr. Gower bought the land without provocation.

Kukahiko, sworn, both witnesses have known in the same way.

Maaweiki did come to tell us about the transaction between Mr. Gower and him but I had told him previously that the land had been made a claim and it was he who had done it voluntarily.

[Award 5265; R.P. 6478; Palauea Honuaula; 1 ap.; 4.9 Acs; Waipao Honuaula; 1 ap.; .128 Ac.]