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Claim Number: 05247*O
Claimant: Kuakini, J.A.
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Niolopa
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No. 5247*O, J.A. Kuakini, Honolulu, Oahu, January 31, 1848
N.R. 31v5

A letter to you, the Land Commissioners, with greetings: This is my claim on the Island of Maui, in Lahaina, and the land of Aki. There are two lo`i, which are ancient ones, from my makuakane who made them and on his death they were bequeathed to me who have them now. In the land of Wainee is an enclosure with cultivation and some sections of cultivated mo`o, which were made by my makua. On the Island of Oahu in Honolulu, mauka of Niolopai, is one small lo`i. In the land of Waikiki uka are six small lo`i; all of these were made by my makua and all these things which he made are occupied by me. Also, in the land of Wainee at Lahaina, Maui, are five taro lo`i which were made by someone and given to me. Those are my claims.
Farewell to you, the Land Commissioners.

N.T. 52v10
[No. 5247 J. A. Kuakini]
No. 5246, Kealoha, 26 September 1851

Huehue, sworn, I have seen his land in Niolapa, a lele for Aala, Nuuanu, Honolulu Oahu - 3 patches and 2 pastures in 1 section.

Mauka, Kamamalu's land
Waikiki, a stream
Makai, M. Kekaunohi's land
Ewa, Kanaeli's land.

Nuuanu street is in this land. It should be separated. Land from Kahekili in 1838 to Kealoha, when Kahekili died in 1848, after a peaceful life he had bequested this place to his mother, Kealoha. She also lived a peaceful life and died in 24 September 1851. The land was bequested to J.W. Kamealoha, no objections.

Maluae, sworn, the statements above are true, I have known in the same way, "No objections". See page 79. [5247 [J.A. Kuakini]

N.T. 79v10
No. 5247, J.A. Kuakini (from page 52), 1 December 1851

Ohia, sworn, I have seen his claim in Puahia, Manoa in two sections of land.

Section 1 - 5 patches and pasture.
Mauka, Kalino's land
Waialae, Puoa's land
Makai and Ewa, Puoa's land.

Section 2 - 1 patch and pasture.
Mauka, Malaiki's land
Waikiki, Government land
Makai, Holualoa's land
Ewa, Kaiahua's land.

Land section from Kahekiki after the death of Kinau and he lived there to 1848.
He (Kuakini) had bequested to Kealoha. Kealoha lived peacefully and died in
1851, he bequested this place to A. Paki. Paki is still in residence there; without disputes.

POSTPONED: until a new witness is found.

Kalino, sworn, I have known in the same way as Ohia has testified.

See page 95

N.T. 95v10
No. 5247, J.A. Kuakini (from page 52), 29 January 1851

Keaweamahi, sworn, I have seen this interest of I.A. Kuakini in Aki of Lahaina, Maui of two taro Patches in one Piece of land.

Mauka, Timoteo Keaweiuiui's land
Olowalu, Road
Makai, M. Kekauonohi, for Haalelea and
Kannapali, Iniwale's land.

Land to J.A. Kuakini from Waipa, his father just after the completion of the fort of Lahaina. Waipa had received it from M. Kekanonohi at the time King Liholiho was alive. Waipa had plowed it and made a patch, it had been an idle pasture long ago. The attendants did the work on these patches and Waipa supplied much food. The people around came to help that they may have food and as a result no koele work from the laborers of Aki was needed. Waipa was konohiki of Aki at the time assigned by M. Kekauo ....

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.... as an oral bequest by Kahekili to M. Kekauonohi of the lands from Hawaii to Kauai. Kealoha is the wife of Kahekili, they were married in Lahaina, and I am the administrator for Kahekili. Upon his death he had bequested to M. Kekauonohi. I feel this is a true claim for Kealoha because I had heard distinctly the bequest which was made by Kahekili. When Kealoha returned she asked Kaaoao for his pasture land, then when Kalaimoku has come with the chiefs, Kealoha asked him while on the lanai where Moeikoolua and I heard Kealoha directly. The request was granted. Kahekili had made such a bequest in order to protect his wife's (Kealoha) estate from others who would want to take away from her.

Moeikaolua, sworn, I have seen Kealoha's land in Niolapa of Honolulu. Kalaimoku did give Kealoha a pasture and we built Honouliuli a patch for her below here and 5 patches above (terrace?). I have lived with Kealoha and Kahikili there and Kealoha had always lived there until her death. Kealoha's own tenants did the work on this place. The boundary makai is Niolopa, the pasture there is small and because of the kinship relationship, it (pasture) had been expanded. C. Kanaina is Kealoha's cousin, but she did not ask Kamaina [Kanaina?] (for the land), "ai Kaalaloia" under Poonui, C. Kanaina's tenant, and I shall locate the boundaries when we are there.

We enclosed the lot for Kekanonohi and Kahikili directed us to work in the patch of Honouliuli. I saw the passing of Kahekili and had heard his bequest. I had heard Kealoha ask Kalaimoku for the pasture land, but Kahekili did live in Niolapa. He lived on the place for which Kealoha had asked and I had heard that request. See below.

N.T. 248v10
No. 524 [5247], J.A. Kuakini (for A. Paki), 4 August 1853, vs. M. Kekanonohi (for Haalelea, L.,6325)

C. Kanaina, sworn, I have not talked with Kealoha but Kahekili had told me about that place and I had given the pasture section and the place where Honouliuli patch is located. In 1833, Kahekili moved to Niolopa to farm, where it is patch section only, so he wanted to farm on my pasture Laimu, raising potatoes. This was in 1834. Later he worked on Honouliuli patch, I have given him this place upon his request. I have not known that Kahekili had divided Kealoha's place. He had lived under Kekuanaohi [Kekauonohi?]. I have heard from Kealoha that everything is for Kekauonohi. Keloha has the borders of the ili.
See Page 249).

N.T. 249v10
No. 5247, J.A. Kuakini (for A. Paki), 5 August 1852, vs. M. Kekauonohi (for L. Haalelea) 6325

Nohea, sworn, I have personally heard Kalaimoku, my husband give Kealoha a piece of pasture which is below the road because she had asked for a place for herself. Later, Kealoha and her group built the patch known as Honouliuli patch.

Originally, Kahekili had this place from Kalaimoku and when Kahekili was dying he had asked Kealoha to return this place to Kalaimoku and we had it, but in 1845 he gave it back to Kealoha because she asked for it. Then when Kalaimoku was near death, he gave it outright to Kealoha.

This is a lele of Nini and Kalaimoku had received it from his father upon his (father) death.

Decision: The patches of Honouliuli and the pasture lands are all for Kealoha.

[Award 5247; R.P. 2265; Niolopa Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; 2.5 Acs]