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Claim Number: 00222
Claimant: Kahanu
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: King St.
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No. 222, Kahanu
N.R. 172v1

Greetings to the Land Commissioners, W. Richards, John Ricord, John Ii, Kaauwai and Kanehoa: I hereby petition and tell you of my claim for a house lot at Kikihale in Honolulu. Here is the verification.

When J.A. Kuakini was Governor on Oahu, he gave my makuakane this place as it was idle land, no houses were built, nor any house lots for J.A.K., therefore he gave that place, and my parents lived at this place, and when my makuakane went to Spain /sic./ this place was inherited by my makuahine. When she died I inherited it, but Paniani petitioned without basis for this place, in the /month/ January of the year 1845. When I arrived from Maui with the `Lii this place had been taken by Paniani, therefore I petitioned the King, in accordance with my inheritance from my parent, and the King awarded this place to me, and sent A.K. Paki to go and settle with Paniani. In speaking together, Paniani really did agree that this place should become absolutely mine, as the keiki of the deceased, and therefore I am telling you the truth of all these words.

Here is the diagram of this house lot - 144 feet long and 60 feet wide. It is ended. [No diagram in this text]
I am, with thanks
September 25, 1846
Witnesses: Paki, Paniani

F.T. 156v1<
Claim No. 222, Kahanu, August 25, 1847

Paniani, sworn testified, I know about the premises in question, but not about the title from Kuakine. Claimant's mother lived there with the family in 1831 when Kuakine was Governor. When this man's mother, Pihae, died, Witness thought to take the land to himself. Pihae occupied the land from 1831 to the time she died. When Kahanu came back from Maui, witness found the land belonged to Kahanu. This was shortly after the mother's death. Claimant complained to the King & he sent Paki & Namauu to tell him to give possession to Kahanau. Witness received it from Kekuanaoa. There are 3 houses on the land at present, one was built by Kahanu's father, Paele built one, & Puhili & Kalima built & occupy one each, as tenants of claimant. Kahanu introduced a letter from Paki about this land, addressed to himself, stating, The King has put in my hands the business of regulating between you & Paniani who has claimed that place, of which complaint has been made to his majesty; & he has sent me to regulate. I found the matter easily settled with Paniani, who gave it up peaceably. He agreed that Kahanu is to have this place forever. I have settled it as appears good, and made known to the governor by word of mouth this transaction, dated 21 February 1845, signed A.K. Paki.

G.P. Judd testified on oath that the above letter was written by Paki and signed by him. Of late, he leaves out K and signs only A.Paki.

Paniani denied having any claim to this land, and as far as he knows, it belongs to claimant.

Paki testified on oath that Kahanu was to have a perfect title according to his instructions from the King; in 1845 to him but the King has still a claim upon the land.

Paniani affirmed that this land was formerly occupied by ....

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.... ly to the idea we both had in that this property be given to Kahanu permanently and I have fulfilled this as well as I know. Then I returned and reported to the governor himself in words from my own mouth on what I had done. Therefore, I affix my name on this date.
By A. Paki, February 21, 1845

A.Paki, sworn by the Word of God and stated, I had gone to settle about the place of Kahanu because the chief had asked me to do so and at this settlement I had given the property to Kahanu permanently because the king had heard that Paniani had this house lot.

Again Paniani related, All of the possessions of the house and the lot were for Komo. Paki had placed Naopala to live there as a captain and Komo as mate of the ship, Mika Pako, [Mitter Barko] the ship is for the government. I have seen Komo living there during the reign of Liholiho and since then, I have seen the heirs living there to Kahanu's time.

N.T. 259-261v2
No. 222 - Kahanu, Honolulu, Aug. 26, 1847, continued from above

Paele sworn by the Word of God and stated, "I have seen the property of Kahanu when I was living with my sister, Pihea and at this same time Kamanawa was hanged. This was also the time I had returned from wandering about in the year 1344. This place is on the north end of Paniani's lot and that is where I am living now.

Pihea said to me, Komo had gone to Kuakini for this lot and Kuakini did give this place to Komo, then Komo asked him, "'When the foreigners start to crowd me out, what then? He answered, Do not let them crowd you out. I have lived there since then until the present time. There are four houses standing in there now which are my very own. I am Pihea's beneficiary for the house and lot and for everything else within the property, but Pihea has told me to look for J. Ii when he comes from Maui and have him live together there with us, then my signature would cease to be needed for the property. The property would be returned to J. Ii and I shall live under him together with Komo's foster child. The governor had verified the place as mine on the same status as at the time I was with Pihea. We were in for trouble when our gate was moved in to Paniani's lot, so I had to ask Kahanu to take care of our problem. He talked to the king and he had sent A. Paki for a settlement in the year 1845. The property was given to Kahanu because I had gone to him; however, I had become Komo's caretaker but the foster son and Kahanu are Komo's nephews so it (land) is for them. I have not known that Naopala has any interest there. That is what I have known about this house site.

Puhili, sworn by the Word of God and stated, I have seen this lot for I am living there now. I started to live there when Paele had come to live there. I have known that Pihea had this lot previously, but at this time it is for Paele. There are four houses in this property and they are only for Paele. I have not known Kahanu's right there or that Naopala had any right there either.

[Award 222; R.P. 11; King St. Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .2 Ac.]