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04703D Koka, Kue,Kahale,Kaaua, &4,see misc
Claim Number: 04703D
Claimant: Meheula
Other claimant:Koka, Kue,Kahale,Kaaua, &4,see misc
Other name:
Island: Hawaii
District: Hilo
Ahupuaa: Puumoi
Ili: Kukuianiani
Statistics: 4164 characters 734 words
[No. 4703D], Meheula, Puumoi, Hilo, January 14, 1848
N.R. 687-688v8

[Listed as 4703]

Greetings to the Land Commissioners on the Island of Oahu: Here are these claims for land. Kukuianiani is 302 anana* by 137 anana. The north and south are the same, and the east and west are the same. Within this parcel of land there is a small place which is suitable, and much is unsuitable for a man to work on. Here are the names of the people who have this place: 1. Meheula, 2. Koka, 3. Kue. Furthermore, these measurements are by the genuine anana* - not by the chain. We do not understand the use of the chain and the square. Furthermore /because of this lack of knowledge of surveying/, to enable you to understand, the dimensions are explained by the anana and the semi-colons also explain.** Furthermore, concerning the water of the watercourse of this land of Puumoi, I, Meheula, the one whose letter this is, request you, the Land Commissioners, to allow this water to enter my land parcels. Here is another parcel of land - Kauhihala 1. Its size is 150 anana by 60 anana. The north and south are alike and the east and west are alike. This place is for Meheula, the one who is requesting to have the water enter these places. Here is something else to tell you about the inadequacies of these places - they were not properly prepared previously, and they are po ....

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.... ly six feet.

**Claimant probably means punctuation in general.

F.T. 35v5
No. 4703!, Meheula, Thursday, November 23, 1848 [No. 1 of 9 under 4703]
[should be 4703D]

This claim contains the claims of 9 claimants.

Hue, sworn deposed, he knows the claim of Meheula to be situated on the Ahupuaa of Puumoi, on the Ili Kukuianiani, bounded:

On the west by konohiki
On the north by Hue's land
On the east by Hoka's ground and
On the south by mountain stream.

Contains 2 fields, partly cultivated, and one house. It is not enclosed. He received it from Hoka in the year 1835. I know of no difficulty.

Kalua, sworn deposed, that the evidence of Hue was true.

N.T. 475v4
No. 4703!, Meheula, November 23
[Should be 4703D]

(There are 9 people on this claim number)

Hue, sworn, He has seen in the ili land Kukuianiani of Puumoi in Hilo, Hawaii a land section.

[it is bounded]:
Mauka by konohiki
Hamakua by Hue's land
Makai by Hoka's land
2 partially cultivated kihapais
1 house for Meheula, no fence

Land from Hoka in 1835. Meheula lives there now.

Kalua, sworn, He has known about this land just as Hue has known it.

[No. 4703D not awarded]