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Claim Number: 04086
Claimant: Kamakahuia
Other claimant:
Other name: Kamakaihuia
Island: Molokai
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Kaluaaha, Ualapue
Ili: Pahukauila, Halemoo
Statistics: 4359 characters 684 words
No. 4086, Kamakahuia
N.R. 78-79v7

I, the one whose name is below, hereby state to you, the Commissioners to quiet land titles, that I have a claim for a lot, lo'i and kula lands which enter into the mountain area, however they jump in various places. There are witnesses for their boundaries, in the 'ili of Pahukauila and Halemoo, in the Ahupua'a of Kaluaaha on the Island of Molokai. Here are their dimensions:

House lot: 351 feet on the west, by 297 feet on the east.
A lo'i: 77 /feet?/ on the north and south, by 105 feet on the east and west.
A kula: 624 feet on the east and west sides, by 300 feet on the south and north.
The second kula: 240 feet on the south and north, by 120 feet on the west and east.
The third kula: 210 feet on the east and west, by 210 feet on the north and south.
Mountain area: /A square/, 250 feet by 250 feet.
These are my six claims which are stated above.

Aloha to all, in the peace of God.

F.T. 3v6
No. 4086, K ....

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Aukai, sworn, Kamakaihuia's interest is at Kaluaaha in the ili of Pahukauila consisting of 6 sections.

Section 1 - 3 houses.
Mauka by Keanui
Mapulehu and makai, Hulu
Ualapue by Aukai.

Section 2 - 3 patches.
Mauka by Kualualu
Mapulehu by Uweuwele
Makai by Hulu
Ualapue by Kahakumakalii.

Section 3 - Potato pasture.
Mauka by Kamoku
Mapulehu by Pohuehue
Makai by Kamoku
Ualapue by Kukae.

Section 4 - Potato pasture.
Mauka by Kamakahi
Mapulehu by Ihu
Makai by Aukai
Ualapue by Kamakahi.

Section 5 - Pasture.
Mauka by Hulu
Mapulehu by Apuniia
Makai by Hulu
Ualapue by Kualana.

Section 6 - Potato pasture.
Mauka by Kamakahi
Mapulehu by Kaupe
Makai by Ihu
Ualapue by A different land.

Land from Hulu from the very beginning.

Pulehu, sworn. He has known Kamakaihina's interest, no one has objected to him.

[Award 4086; R.P. 6060; Kaluaaha Kona; 4 ap. 2.62 Acs]