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Claim Number: 04009
Claimant: Hokii
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Wailuku
Ahupuaa: Waihee
Ili: Waipupua or Waipukua, Honuakaua, Kainanui, Makaaka
Statistics: 2984 characters 494 words
No. 4009, Hokii, Waihee, December 29, 1847
N.R. 144v6

`Ili of Waupupua, 59 lo`i, which I received from Kahune, /and/ 2 kula. `Ili of Honuakaua, 1 lo`i, /at/ Kainanui `Ili, 6, /at/ Wailua, 1. I received them from Kauihonu.

F.T. 15v8
Cl. 4009, Hokii

Kawaa, sworn, The claimant's land consists of one piece of kalo and kula land in the ili of Waupupua. His [? has] 5 [? lo`i] in three other pieces.

No. 1 & 2 is 4 lois in the ili of Waupupua.
No. 3 is a kula wauke in Honuakaua.
No. 4 is 9 lois in Kainanui.

The claimant received No. 1 from Kahune in 1843 and he from Kuakamauna and he from Government. [?] No. 2 from Pu in 1843 and he from Kaauwai in ancient times and No. 3 from Kaalepo in 1843 and he from Kaauwai in 1839 and No. 4 from Pakaku in 1843 and he from Napela in 1838. His title has not been disputed, except to No. 2 which the claimant has had some words about with Kai ....

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.... Section 3 from Kaalepo in 1843. Kaalepo's land from Kaauwai. Section 4 from Pakaku in 1840. Pakaku's interest from Napela. Napela's interest from Z. Kaauwai in 1838, no objection. 7 Poalimas in first section.

Section 1 - 59 Taro patches in Waipukua ili.
Mauka by stream
Kahakuloa by Keaonui
Makai by Land enclosure
Wailuku by Kalaauala.

Section 2 - 2 Taro patches in Makaaka ili.
Mauka, Kahakuloa and Makai by Prisoners' patch
Wailuku by Kapua.

Section 3 - Wauke pasture in Honuakana ili.
Mauka by Lupo
Kahakuloa by Pali
Makai by Ohia ili
Wailuku by stream.

Section 4 - 9 Taro patches in Kainamu ili.
Mauka by prisoners' patch
Kahakuloa by Lupo
Makai by Paahao
Waihee by Naleipuleho.

[Award 4009; R.P. 3428; Makaaka Waihee; 1 ap.; .07 Ac.; Waipukua Waihee; 1 ap.; .52 Ac.; another parcel for .95 Ac. (total 3 ap.; 1.54 Acs) RP shows 1.64 Acres]