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Claim Number: 03820
Claimant: Pehipolani
Other claimant:
Other name: Pepehepolani
Island: Molokai
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Mapulehu
Ili: Pipio
Statistics: 5318 characters 811 words
No. 3820, Pehipolani, Mapulehu by Molokai
N.R. 47v7

Greetings to the Land Commissioners: A claim for land in the Ahupua`a of Mapulehu on the Island of Molokai.

This is a house lot; the house lot on the east side is for Kamai, on the west is the lo`i named/ Hawaii, which is for Kanae.

The length of this lot is 33 fathoms by a width of 26 fathoms. We have occupied this land from ancient times. It would be well to have this land awarded to us.

F.T. 5v6
Pepehepolani [part of 4167B]

part 3 pahale 3820
Mauka, road
Pukoo, Kanae
Makai, Kanae
Kaluaaha, Kanae.

F.T. 82v6 [also page 13]
No. 3820, Pehipolani

Makaiki, hoohikiia, Ua ike au i kona kuleana ua oiaio loa mai na makua mai na loi i ka wa o Kamehameha I, aole mea keakea ia ia.

apana 1. 1 loi
Mauka, Kanae
ma Pukoo,Keaweeli
Makai, Kanae
ma Kaluaaha, Makaiki.

apana 2. kula
Mauka, Kawaiku
ma Pukoo, Hoeu
Makai, Pupule
ma Kaluaaha, Kiilauakea.

apana 3. pa hale
Mauka, alanui
ma Pukoo,Kanae
Makai, Pupule
ma Kaluaaha, Kiilauakea.

F.T. 42v16
No. 3820, Pehipalani, November 3, 1853

Kaiheanau, hoohikiia, Ua ike au i kona mau apana aina ma "Pipio", Mapulehu.

Apana 1. aina kalo
Mauka, aina o konohiki
Halawa, aina o Kahalemake, Opunui me Kainapau
Makai, aina o Luha
Kaluaaha, aina o Makaiki & konohiki.

Apana 2. aina kula
Mauka, aina o Pupule
Halawa, alanui
Makai, aina o Pupule
Kaluaaha, aina o Kawaiku.

Apana 3. aina kula< ....

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Makaiki, sworn, He certifies Pehipolani's claim. The patches were from Pehipolani's parents and no one has objected to him.

Section 1 - 1 patch.
Mauka by Kanae
Pukoo by Keaweeli
Makai by Kanae
Kaluaaha, Kiilanakea.

Section 2 - Pasture.
Mauka by Kawaiku
Pukoo by Hoeu
Makai by Pupule
Kaluaaha, Kiilanakea.

Section 3 - House lot.
Mauka by road
Pukoo by Kamai
Makai by Pupule
Kaluaaha, Keliilanakea.

N.T. 42v16
No. 3820, Pehupalani, 3 November 1853

Kaiheanau, sowrn, he has seen his land in Pipioi, Mapulehu.

Section 1 - Taro land.
Mauka by konohiki's land
Halawa by Kahalemake's land, Opunui's land, Kainapau's land
Makai by Luka's land
Kaluaaha by Makaiki's land, konohiki's land.

Section 2 - Kula land.
Mauka by Pupule's land
Halawa by road
Makai by Pupule's land
Kaluaaha by Kawaiku's land.

Section 3 - Kula land.
Mauka by Pupule's land
Halawa by road
Makai by Kanae's land
Kaluaaha by Kawaiki's land, Kanae's land.

Section 4 - House lot.
Mauka and Halawa by Kanae's land
Makai by Kakii's land
Kaluaaha by Kanae's land.

Land from his wife at the time of Kamehameha II. He has lived peacefully to the present. Konohiki has 1 loi in section 1. Section 2, which has been approved for him at the first is now for the konohiki. The remaining 4 sections above are for Pehupolani.

J. Kanae, sworn, Pehupolani's claim is correct.

[Award 3820; R.P. 2972; Mapulehu Kona; 4 ap.; 2.94 Acs; See also 4167B]