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Claim Number: 03708B
Claimant: Hawaiian Government / Royal School
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Palace Walk (Hotel St.)
Statistics: 5442 characters 941 words
[No. 3708B, Royal School Premises]
F.T. 371-374v3

M. Kekuanaoa, counter Government for the[illegible] Royal School Premises in Honolulu (not a claim before the Board) referred to Council for Land Commission for adjustment. M. Kekuanaoa.

Iona Kapena, sworn, knows the premises in dispute. They formerly belonged to Kaahumanu and supposes belong to her heir now.

Charles Kanaina, sworn, I know the premises in question. They belonged to Kalaimoku & from him passed to Kekauluohi who occupied them under Kalaimoku. Then Kaahumanu lived also under Kalaimoku, as also did Kauikeaole. When Kalaimoku died, he willed that the others should occupy the place under Kekauluohi. The name of the land was Pahukaina. When the time came that the chiefs wished a place set apart for the Royal School it was proposed 1st to have it under Punch Bowl hill, but Kekauluohi wanted it on the premises in dispute.

It was said at the time between Kekauluohi & Kinau that when the lot should no longer be required for a Royal School, the premises should revert to Kekauluohi. When the houses were built M. Kekuanaoa was the luna of the work & the labor was got from the men of all the chiefs, like the building of the Fort, &c.

G.P. Judd, sworn, Before Victoria's birth, I conversed with Kinau about the establishment of a Royal School. She said she would send Victoria when born to the school, but has no control over the other children, but would speak with their foster parents about it. After Kinau died, Kekauluohi became Premier, & I revived the proposition.

Kekauluohi agreed to have a chief School and in her capacity of Premier, she set apart the premises in question for it. I understand that Kalaimoku, when agent of the Government or chiefs us ....

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.... ed to Kaahumanu. The fence wood came from Ewa. After Kaahumanu's death then Kinau & the King were heirs of the land. I do not contradict Dr. Judd's testimony as to Governor helping to build the school houses &c. I also helped to build them on account of my children. The School & Improvements belong to the Government. The land belongs to V. Kamamalu.

The lot was set apart by Kinau for the purpose of a school & when she died, the intention was carried out by Kekauluohi. This business was considered by the King & chiefs in Council. Kinau died without a will. The chiefs consulted who should succeed her & have her Property. They decided Victoria to be her heir & successor.

R. Armstrong, Minister of Public Instruction, for the Government claims, the school house & premises for the Hawaiian Government.

1st. Because in the division of lands in 1848, this lot was not set apart for Victoria Kamamalu, for whom it is now claimed.

2nd. Because no claim for this lot was presented to the Land Commission by the parties who now claim it; within the time prescribed by the law for presentation of claims.

3rd. Because by Section 7 of an act to provide for the better support & efficiency of Public schools passed July 9, 1850 the Premises in question belong to the Government.

4th. Because the Government has expended a large amount of money on said premises & houses at various times, for the promotion of education; & the Royal School still needs the houses & Premises for the same purposes for which they were first given.

The new Building lately erected is only a schoolhouse & gives not accommodation for a teachers' residence &c.

[Award 3708B; no R.P.; Palace Walk (Hotel St.) Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; 1.7 Acs]