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Claim Number: 03322*O
Claimant: Tute, T.
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu, Manoa, Wailupe
Ili: Beretania St., Kahalauluahine, Keahia, Kapuni, Koula
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No. 3322*O, T. Tute
N.R. 126-129v4

The Honorable Land Commissioners whom the King has graciously appointed, to award all the claims for land in Hawaii. Therefore, I hereby state my claims for land.

1. Tuesday 4 August 1826
Kalanimoku gave me a parcel of land in Honolulu within his large lot as a house lot for the two of us and our children. The boundaries of that house lot, which is called the lot of Tute, are as follows: Begin-ning at the corner to the east and makai, adjoining the lot of Daniel Kanina, which has been transferred, perhaps, to Queen Kalama, and the lot of Poki, the length is 105 feet at this corner /where/ L. Andrew is living; 142½ feet is the length at this corner running along the lot of Andrew Aulo 141½ feet, at this corner, run seaward along the lot of Malia Kaniho to the place of beginning, 112 feet. This is the house lot which has been and is in my posses-sion.

2. Monday 24 August 1828
Poki loved my work and gave me a parcel of land in Manoa, named Kahalauluahine, in the name of the Mo'i, Kamehameha III. There are three taro mo'o. Six lo'i are in one mo'o, seven lo'i are in another and six lo'i in another. One mo'o has a very small lo'i, that is the seventh in this taro mo'o. There are two lots - a pig pen and a cul-tivated lot. One valley is adjacent to the second /lot/. There are two lele, a spring named Puahuula, two kula. Also, ....

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.... a stone wall. He had received this place from Poki before 1826 without obligation because he is his /Poki/ friend. After he had received this land, he had hired help which he compensated with his personal property such as 2 lau /400 per lau/ Weke fish; 1 lau of Uhu; 1 lau Kahala and Ulua and three hogs, 1 large, the other middle size and a small hog. I think the cash price of these items in money would probably have been $342.00. The purpose for this was the building of this stone wall. He has lived comfortably since he had Kahalauluahine to 1846. The entire places of Kahalauluahine were taken by the government and the farm only has remained with him to the present time. No one has objected.

Kamauna, sworn, Our testimonies are similar. No one has objected.

N.T. 235v10
No. 3322, T. Tute, 7 June 1853

Kaumaleo, sworn, I have seen his house lot in Honolulu - 3 houses.

Mauka, Andrew Auld's lot
Waikiki, D. Kanina's lot
Makai, D. Kanina's lot, Royal Palace Street, Poki's lot
Ewa, Government's lot, Kekanonohi's lot.

House lot from Kalaimoku in 1826 before Poki's trip to Tahiti and he has always lived to the present time.

Nakai, sworn, every statement above is true and I have known in the same way.

[Award 3322; R.P. 1899; Beretania St. Honolulu (Haliimaile); 1 ap.; .41 Ac.; R.P. 2240; Kahalauluahine Manoa Kona; 1 ap.; 7.87 Acs]