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Claim Number: 03204
Claimant: Beck, Martin
Other claimant:
Other name: Peke
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: King St. Rose Lane
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Claim 3204, Martin Beck
F.R. 169-170v2

The above (below) document was placed in my hand to forward to the Board of Land Commissioners, 18 January 1848. J.G. Munn.

No. 1. The piece of land below was given to Martin Beck in 1841 by Puhiula (with consent of the King, after Madam Boki's death, who had held it) as a gift in exchange for a piece held by him in a different part of the town; which M. Beck had from Aikanaka, now held by Puhiula; he has built on it and had possession several years of about (half of it), the remaining half as marked, was


[in top quadrangle] the part still held by M. Beck 124 ft st [sq?] G.W. Wall
[Bottom quadrangle] Property in the occupation of Nicholson. Property owned by Dutch Harry, being the part wrongfully taken from M. Beck by Haalilio

Taken from him by Haalilio without any right whatever in the same year. M. Beck can fully prove the gift of the whole by living witnesses. The whole was formerly the Red Lion Yard & was all given in exchange to M. Beck. Haalilio rented the portion he took from M. Beck to Mr. Jenkins against the will and in spite of M. Beck's remonstrance, and he has ever since been deprived of the use and possession of that part.

Captain Charlton advised M. Beck to retain, as much as he could, and seek recompence [sic] another time for what had been taken from him. The present Governor placed the gate posts on the part still held by M. Beck.

No. 2. A piece of land held at Wailua called Paupauku; Poopoohaku, in the district of Pala, containing from 6 to 8 acres. It was given to M. Beck in 1842 by Daniella and Hookoohele during the ....

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Continued page 301.

F.T. 301v3
No. 3204, Martin Beck, from 297 page.

I.I. sworn, I know when claimant lived with Puhiula & Aikanaka where Puhiula's son now lives. This was before the departure of Liholiho for England. Subsequent to this claimant was employed on board of a vessel belonging to the King and he went to Haalilio and begged a piece of land to live on. Haalilio gave him a piece where he claims.

It is bounded:
On Waikiki side by a lane and premises of J. Thompson
Makai by the lots occupied by H. Zupplien & C. Nicholson
Ewa side by W. Harbottle's land
Mauka by j. Booth's land.

Claimant has held this place since 1848 without dispute.

N.T. 679v3
No. 3204, Peke /Martin Beck/, October 12, 1850

J. Ii, sworn, I have seen his place in Honolulu here; it is a house lot. He is demanding for this place and this is the way he had acquired it. He had first lived with the senior Pahiula and Aikanaka on their place at the time the chiefs had come here from Hawaii /that was the year 1822/. He was then placed on the island of Keokoi. Later, he asked Haalilio for a place and he /Haalilio/ did find it and gave him this place in 1841, where he has lived to the present time. No one has objected. He had asked for this place because young Puhiula had driven him away.

The boundaries of that lot are:
Mauka, J. Booth's lot
Waikiki, S. Thompson's lot and the street
Makai, C. H. Nicholson's lot
Ewa, Wm. Har-bottle's lot.

[Award 3204; R.P. 861; (Rose Lane) King St. Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .16 Ac.]