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Claim Number: 03029
Claimant: Kaapuiki
Other claimant:
Other name: Kaaupuiki,Kaopuiki
Island: Oahu
District: Waianae
Ahupuaa: Waianae, Honolulu
Ili: Lehanonui, Leleo, Kaupakumoa, Kaloiloa
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No. 3029, Kaapuiki, Waianae, 10 January 1848
N.R. 27-28v4

To you, the Land Commissioners, Greetings: as directed by the new law, therefore I hereby state my claim for land in the kalana /District/ of Waianae.

1. One house lot in the `ili of Kaupakumoa, with three taro lo`i in it.
2. One house lot at Lehanoiki with three lo`i pa`akai /salt lo`i, or possibly a variety of taro called pa`akai/.
3. Twenty-seven lo`i at Lehanonui, an `ili in Waianae, and also a kula place.
4. At Kaloiloa, an `ili in Waianae, are three lo`i.
5. Two house lots at Leleo in Honolulu. These claims which I hereby state, rightfully and truthfully, have been continuously in my possession, to this day.
With regards, I am your servant.

F.T. 260-261v9
No. 3929, 3086, Kaapuiki, claimant

Kahuhu, sworn, testifies that the lands of claimant are contained in the 6 apanas of his written claim, No. 3029, as follows:

Apana 1 - A pahale called Kiowaikaala in the ili Kaupakumoa, Waianae, Oahu containing a dwelling lot & 3 lois & a kula.

It is bounded:
Mauka by Kahualii & Puhalulu.
Ewa by Kaliao & the kuleana of Keikanui[?] and Kaana with a koele called Kamalikinui, in the middle
Makai by public road & papuaa
Waianae by prickly pear & kula.

Apana 2 - 3 salt ponds in Lehanoiki.
It is bounded:
Mauka by the public road
Ewa by the muliwai of Puehui
Makai by pahale Aupuni
Waianae by kula noni.

Apana 3 - contains 16 lois in the ili of Lehanonui, Waianae, Oahu in one piece.
It is bounded
Mauka by the mooaina Malamakuhiana
Ewa by a mooaina [?]
Makai by mooaina of Naea
Waianae by auwai of Kalepe.

Apana 4 contains 3 lois in the ili of Kaloiloa, Waianae, Oahu.
It is bounded:
Mauka by the mooaina of Poopuakala
Ewa by the mooaina of Puou
Makai by the mooaina of Hauwawa
Waianae by auwai of Hauwawa.

Apana 5 - Two house lots in Lalao, Koinui, Honolulu, Oahu.

Kalama, sworn, says he knows the claim of claimant in Laleo, Koinui, Honolulu, Oahu.
It consists of 2 house lots in one piece and

is bounded:
Mauka by the pahale of Kuinui and auwai
Waikiki by the pahale of Naai & auwai
Makai by the public road
Ewa by pahale of Kama.

(Note: The above claim Apana 5, I hear will be contested in part. Claimant received the above apana 5 from Kulauka & Kaaoao in the time of Kaomi 1834 and he has held the same in quiet ever since.

Claimant received the 4 first apana from Boki at about the time of Kamehameha's death in 1819 & has held them in quiet ever since.

Lauhulu, sworn, says he knows all the claims of Kaapuiki and the testimonies of Kahuhu and Kalam ....

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.... nd and Kaaupuiki was his brother-in-law. Kulauka asked Kaapuiki for lumber and built a house but the enclosure was not completed. Kaapuiki started to work on it but did not finish it without Liliha's help. Kaaupuiki was responsible for the place whereon C.G. Hopkins slaughter house stands now. Upon Kulauka's death, Liliha was heir with Kaaupuiki's sister under her and the king above them. When Liliha died her bequest was for Kaaupuiki's sister under her and the king above them. When Liliha died her bequest was for Kaaupuiki's sister under the king. There was no objections when his sister married Kaaiawaawa and when Kaaiawaawa died, Kaaupuiki became the sole heir. I believe the king is Liliha's heir.

Kaapuiki had built the fence and the house Liliha lived under Kaapuiki until her death, but Liliha's servants did help built the fence. Kaapuiki did not live there always and he had lived in Waianae under Poko and Liliha. Kaapuiki's people from Waianae were his own relatives and he was honored in Waianae with more servants of his own who helped built the enclosure.

A. Paki, sworn, it was truly for Kulauka, he had a small place and Kaapuiki's sister lived common law with Kulauka. When Kaapuiki had come from Waianae he had no place to live so he lived there. Liliha, upon request helped to build an enclosure with the help of the tenants of Moanalua.

When Kulauka died on Maui in 1837 or 1838, probably, everything was bequested to Liliha. The king has been involved in this place since Liliha's death, her entire estate was bequested to the king.

Kaapuiki has always lived in Waianae since Kamehameha I to the present time, although I have heard that lumber, fish, taro and other things have always been brought from Waianae by Liliha, the konohiki's demands. Now Piikoi has the land. Liliha's lot which I have known about had been Kulauka's lot and the new fence which was built by Kaapuiki was for Liliha.

The boundaries are:
Mauka by Government road
Ewa by the lot in Kumauna's possession
Waikiki and Makai by a pali.

Postponed: Until 3 o'clock tomorrow, the land officers, Kaapuiki and the Chief will look at the land and decide on the distribution of it.

26 May 1853
The land officers have looked, on the date designated above at 3 o'clock, at the land over which there is a dispute between Kaapuiki and Kamehameha III and a verdict was reached as follows, Kaapuiki shall have a half of the lot and the other half shall be for the King just as it has been indicated by the surveying of S.P. Kalama.

[Award 3029; R.P. 4874; Kaupakumoa & Kaloiloa Lehanonui Waianae; 3 ap. 12 Acs; R.P. 2090; Leleo Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .43 Ac.]