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Claim Number: 02896
Claimant: Kamakea
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Waialua
Ahupuaa: Kawailoa
Ili: Anahulu, Kaleokani, Kapuwailua, Kawaipuolo, Ukoa, Kapuahilua
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No. 2896, Kamakea, Waialua, Oahu, December 2, 1847
N.R. 682-683v3

To the Honorable Land Commissioners: I am a native-born resident of Kawailoa, Waialua, Oahu, and have lived here with my makuas and kupunas. We got the land rights and house lot right a long time ago. We lived with the elders, and when they died these rights were left to me. The first of the lands and the house lots are at Kapuahilua, Kawailoa uka. My land lies from the southwest to the northeast, and again, to the east. The boundaries are surrounded by kahawai the valley/ but there is a pali on the south.

2. Amake, Kawailoa kai, two lo`i and a mala of sugar cane, bounded on the north by Muliwai, on the east by a lo`i for Kalaehina, on the south by the lot of Emesona Emerson/, on the west by the lo`i of Kuokoa.

3. Kapuaakea Kawailoa waena, three lo`i and a kula cultivated by me, bounded on the north by two lo`i ko`ele, on the east by the lo`i of Kalualu, on the south by a stream, on the west by the lo`i of Hook /sic/.

4. Pahui, Ukoa, one mala of sweet potato, bounded on the north by a stone wall, on the east by Kaukai's /land/, on the south by Kaui's land/, on the west by Nana's /land/.

5. My house lot at Lower Anahulu, Kawailoa kai, bounded on the north and east by the road, on the south by Muliwai, on the west by the lot of Koimiho.

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.... lands in these `ilis in Kawailoa, Waialua, Oahu. He has five parcels.

Apana 1. section of lo`i, `ili of Kapuahilau.
Apana 2. 2 lo`i at Lapuaaka, `ili Waipuolo.
Apana 3. 3 lo`i at Amake, `ili Waipuolo.
Apana 4. /Communal/ right in the sweet potato lot, Ukoa.
Apana 5. House lot, Anahululalo `ili.

Apana 1:
Mauka, land of Kahue
Waianae, pali
Makai, muliwai of Anahulu
Koolaupoko, Olohana pali.

Apana 2:
Mauka, mo`o Kahawai
Waianae, Anahulu Stream
Makai, Kapuaakea lo`I
Koolaupoko, lo`i of Kaleiokane.

Apana 3:
Mauka, land of Kalehina, mo`o Waipao
Waianae, cultivated lot for Mr. Emerson
Makai, Kawailaumaia for Kuokoa
Koolaupoko, Muliwai of Anahulu.

Apana 5:
Mauka, stone wall and road
Waianae, muliwai of Anahulu
Makai, lot of Koiniho
Koolaupoko, stone wall.

Apana 1 was from his parents from the time of Kamehameha I and is undisputed. Remaining apanas were from Kuokoa in the time of Kinau and are undisputed.

Koiniho, sworn, my knowledge of it is the same as Kuokoa's.

[Award 2896; R.P. 1466; Anahulu Kawailoa Waialua; 1 ap.; .31 Ac.;.Kaleokani Kawailoa Waialua; 1 ap.; .31; Kapuwailua Kawailoa Waialua; 1 ap.; 9.12 Acs; Kawaipuolo Kawailoa Waialua; 1 ap.; .32 Ac.; Ukoa Kawailoa Waialua; 1 ap.; 1.86 Acs]