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Claim Number: 00092
Claimant: Jones, Hannah, heirs
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: King & Fort Sts.
Statistics: 8820 characters 1535 words
No. 92, 93, 94 & 95, Hannah H. Jones, claimant, Honolulu, Oahu, June 27, 1846
F.R. 96-99v1

[Margin note:] original given to R.G. Davis, March 23, 1854

To the Honorable Board of Commissioners, &c, &c, &c.
Gentlemen: Agreeable to public notice I herewith respectfully beg leave to submit to the Honorable board of Commissioners the nature of the tenure by which I hold the following described property in and about the town of Honolulu.

1. The premises now occupied by me, together with three adjoining premises, the whole bounded and described as follows:

On the street leading from the fort, commencing at its intersection with the main street, opposite to the lot at present occupied by John Ballow, running from that corner in a direction Northeast ½ North for the distance of 282 feet, thence from the termination of this line, running West Northwest ½ North in a line measuring 72 feet 8 inches - thence Westerly 70 feet 9 inches; thence running West by South 54 feet 8 inches; thence making a small angle of North North West and South South East 13 feet; thence extending West by North for the distance of 113 feet; from thence South East by South measuring 38½ feet; thence South West by West extending 115 feet from this point bounded on the main Street by a line extending South East by East measuring 258½ feet.

2. / 93 The premises leased by me & now occupied by Marshall (a cooper) on the side of the street leading from the fort opposite to those already specified, bounded & described as follows:

Commencing from the upper corner & running in a direction South East for the distance of 75 feet 8 inches; from the termination running South West ½ South on a line measur ....

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.... d Commissioners, September 16, 1846

Pehu's sworn testimony.
Did you know that Kamehameha I gave this (here) person's father the place which they are living on now?
I have heard that Kamehameha I let him live there as governor and taking care of ships that landed there. When Jones Holmes died these two inherited (the place). I do not recall clearly that anyone has objected.

M. Kekuanaoa will come next Tuesday to report on the ili land in Kapalama and for the land which Kalaimoku had given to Aluli (J.R. Jones) for a corral (cattle).

See page 129

N.T. 129v1
No. 92 & 95, Hannah Jones Holmes, claims Adjustors Office, September 22, 1846, (from page 123)

Question: Governor M. Kekuanaoa, did you see Kalaimoku give Aluli (Jones) a corral?
Answer: I did not see. I had only heard from Hannah Jones Holmes that Kalaimoku had given (the corral).

Question: who owned that property before?
Answer: For John I. And a small interest for Pawaa. Liholiho gave the Kapalama land to Lahola while he was still in Hawaii and upon our arrival to Oahu here, this land was given away. I heard that some patches had been given (away) and that Pehu had done this through the directions of Liholiho. The house lot they are now occupying is for Hannah Jones rightfully, just as she has filed a suit here. When I had the road dug out, Hannah Jones Holmes' place was damaged, so I gave (her) a vacant lot in place of the area taken by the road.

[Award 92; R.P. 6713; King & Fort Sts, Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; 507 square fathoms; for the heirs of Hannah Jones]