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Claim Number: 02632
Claimant: Wawae, Kalaeone
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Molokai
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Mapulehu
Ili: Kahau
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No. 2632, Kalaeone [Wawae]
N.R. 26-27v7

Greetings to the Land Commissioners in Hawaii: We have a claim in an `ili in the Ahupua`a of Mapulehu on the Island of Molokai. We received it as follows:

When Kamehameha I died, the Ahupua`a of Mapulehu went to Kalua, the kaikunana of Kaahumanu, and Kalua gave it to Apahu, the konohiki at that time, and Apahu gave it to Kekoa to occupy as a tenant of this `ili. When Kekoa as consuming he produce of this land, he gave it to Kawai /sic/, his kaikua`ana . Apahu was the konohiki, and he was dispossessed, to Laa, who died, to Keulu, who died, to Pinaia, who was dispossessed, to Kanae who now holds this Ahupua`a. Wawae occupied this `ili until the present.

Kahau is the name of another `ili - it adjoins on the easterly side of Pipio, the fish pond of Kanae. On its mauka side it adjoins an `ili named Kuakea, for Houma /?/. The length of a lo`i in Kahau is 45 fathoms by 4 fathoms in width.

There is also a kula in this `ili of Kahau which is mauka, 88 fathoms by 80 fathoms. The name of the `ili on the makai side is Nukunukuaiole, and on the mauka side the `ili is Kalapa.

Another lo`i parcel of Kahau is far up the mountain. We have cultivated this `ili continuously since it was acquired. We request that if you find our claims valid they be awarded to us for the benefit of our heirs.

F.T. 81v6 [also page 12]
No. 2632, Nawae

Ku, hoohikiia, Ua haawi aku au ia Ku i ka ili o Kahau ma Mapulehu i ka wa mamua loa i ka wa o Kamehameha I, e 3 apana ona.

apana 1. aina kalo
Mauka, Kanae
ma Pukoo,Mahoe
Makai, Makapo
ma Kaluaaha, Kanae.

apana 2.
Mauka, Aupuni
ma Pukoo,kahawai
Makai, Miala
ma Kaluaaha, pali.

apana 3. loi
Mauka, pali
ma Pukoo, pali
Makai, kahawai
ma Kaluaaha, pali.

Aole mea keakea ia ia.

Pehipolani, hoohikiia, Ua like pu ko maua ike me Ku.

F.T. 230-231v15
No. 2632, Wawae, Kaluaaha, Oct. 19, 1853

Ku, hoohikiia, Ua ike au i kona mau apana aina ma ka ili o "Kahau", Mapulehu. 3 apana aina.

Apana 1. aina kalo. Penei na palena
Mauka, aina o Kanae
Pukoo, aina o Kanae
Makai, aina o Kanae
Kaluaaha, aina Kanae.

Apana 2. aina kula ma Kukuikapuu lele no Kahau. Penei.
Mauka, aina o Opunui
Pukoo, he kahawai
Makai, aina o Auala
Kaluaaha, he pali.

Apana 3. aina kula, ma ka ili o Kapunaula
Mauka, aina o konohiki
Pukoo, he pali
Makai, aina o Kanae
Kaluaaha, he alanui.

Ua loaa ia ia keia aina no Kekona kona kaikaina mai i ka wa o Kamehameha I. a ua noho oluolu oia ma keia mau apana aina a hiki i kona nawaliwali ana i ka M.H.1840 paha. hooili i keia aina no Kalaeone kona hunona kane nana i hana na la poalima a hiki i kona make ana i ka M.H.1851.

Ua ike pono no hoi au i ka apana 1. he aina kalo wale no. ua mahi mau oia ma keia aina kalo, aole au i ike i ko Wawae mahi ana ma ka aina kula i komo pu me ka aina kalo a R.W. Meyer [illegible] i ka wa o ka loaa ana ia ia i ka wa o Kamehameha I. a hiki i kona make ana i ka wa puupuu ulaula i ka M.H.1848. a ua ike au i ke ana ana a Mr. Meyer, ua hookomo puia ma ke ana ana.

Ua ike au o kela aina kula ua paia e na konohik ....

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.... The land has been vacant and idle since tha time to the present time with no house and fence. It has not been cultivated, except for the konohiki's lot with work done on konohiki days and it is the same way today.

Wawae had lived there as a caretaker, since the tenants left, all responsibility has rested with the konohiki to the present.

Pehipolani, sworn, I have seen this place and have known its boundaries just as Ku had related. Waewae's place had been from Kekoa. He placed his young brother Kokai there, where on houses were built. Kahalaopuna asked Wawae for a place there and had started to construct a house site when Kanai the konohiki evicted him.

Kauhane came to live there as a house dweller upon the death of Kokai in 1837, and he lived there until his house fell apart in 1843.

Wawae had never lived there and he had never done konohiki work. Kalaeone had done Friday work for the konohiki for a few months but was dismissed because he had too many children. No one did konohiki work after the death of Kalaeone, not even Waha, because he had custody of Kalaeone's children.

Pupule, sworn, Kekoa had been the overseer of this disputed land a and it was at the time of Liholiho, the King. This had been an old lot of the previous konohiki's. Kekumano is the woman from whom I had the right to live on this land over which there is a dispute now. I had never heard nor seen that this was Kokai's land but I did hear that the ili land Kahau was for Wawae and the ili of Kuakea was for Kahalaopuna where he lived until he was dismissed. My wife and I built our house on this place and lived as we desired without obJections from Wawae. I did not see Kokai build a house, he was a house dweller under Kahalopuna. We were not obligated to Wawae to do konohiki work. I have seen Kalaeone doing work of the konohiki and he has never lived on this place. He has his own land for this reason he has worked for the konohiki and not for this place.

N.T. 69-70v16
No. 2632, Wawae

Be it known by all men by this document that I whose name is written below do hereby return on this day the land section of the konohiki of Mapulehu. (I Kanae) which I had improperly included in the claim of Waewae, my father No. 2632, and which is lying in Mapulehu by Molokai. The royal patent has been obtained.

[It is bounded]:
Mauka by I. Kanae, the konohiki's land (house lot)
Manae by Konohiki kula
Makai by Mahapo's house lot
Kaluaaha by Outside of lot, Wawae's taro land

Many eye-witnesses truly know this place and for this reason, Wawae's taro land turn said place to the konohiki without dispute. It would not be right for me, nor my assignees to dispute my action because I am aware of my error and clearly understand my action, I know this land shall be for the konohiki forever without disputes. And it has been duly agreed by all of the courts of this grant does not qualify Wawae for this document is correct. The Royal Patent in the remaininginterest, which is his own land.
In verification of the truth, I hereby pen my signature on this 20th day of April 1854, in Honolulu, Hawaii.

J.L. Naliilii, S.M. Liukua, J.W. Ninihua, J. Kekaulahao
Lahaina, 24 November 1853

[Award 2632; R.P. 638; Mapulehu Kona; 3 ap.; 4.26 Acs]