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02327 Kawaikine, aunt
Claim Number: 02327
Claimant: Barenaba
Other claimant:Kawaikine, aunt
Other name:
Island: Hawaii
District: Hilo, Puna
Ahupuaa: Waiakea, Kalaihina
Ili: Kalihi
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No. 2327, Barenaba, See P., Hilo, December 23, 1847
N.R. 452v3

Be it known to you, the Land Commissioners, that I, Barenaba, the school supervisor of District 1 of Hawaii, hereby state my claim for land at Waiakea, which I got from Pea. On March 9, 1841, Pea gave me this parcel of land, 10 chains long and 5 chains, 9 fathoms wide. It was made into a house lot by closing one side with a stone wall, on the side which is 5 chains, 9 fathoms. I built the house and planted in places suitable for agriculture. On April 29, 1842 Pea again gave me another parcel, which moved the long dimension as far as one side of the pond of Kalepolepo. That was the size of the land he gave me, saying, your lot shall run to the pond. At this time the width was extended 90 fathoms more. The type of land is difficult to cultivate because there is much a`a /lava/. By moving some rocks, some things grow well since there is good soil in some places.

The second of my lots is a house lot, on the east side of that new parcel which Pea gave me. This one parcel is on the road going up to the Volcano and is a separate parcel, with unequal sides. The dimensions are: North, 48 fathoms, South, 38 fathoms, East, 44 fathoms, West, 66 fathoms. Those are the dimensions of this parcel which I intend to fence when I get the material.

Here are the names of my witnesses that this was from Pea: Akuila, Aalamanu, Kamanu, Kale ....

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Kanaina, sworn says, I am the Konohiki of Keaau, Puna, Hawaii, and know this claim. It is Oiaio. He received it from his aunt Kawaikine in 1830, and has held it without dispute ever since. It has always been with his ancestors. The survey should say was correct -There is an orange tree on it belonging to Barenaba. The lord of Keaau is Kanaina, the Chief at Honolulu.

N.T. 451v4
No. 2327, Barenaba, November 17

Nakai, sworn, He has seen in the ili land Kalihi, Waiakea ahupuaa of Hilo, Hawaii a house lot.

[It is bounded]:
Mauka by Government lot
Hamakua by Alenoho ili land
Makai and Puna by Kolea ili land.

1/2 of lot has been enclosed, six houses, two for Barenaba, 1 each for Samuela, Kealomaikai, Puhulu and Nuhanuha's.
Postponed to Tuesday, November 21, 1848

N.T. 451v4
No. 2327, Barenaba, November 21

Nako, father of Samuela sworn, Samuela has no interest in Barenaba's claim in Hilo.

Kaumakea, sworn, Kealomaikai has no interest in Barenaba's claim in Waiakea, Hilo,

Pahulu, sworn, He has no interest in Barenaba's claim in Waiakea.

Nuhanuha, sworn, He has no interest in Barenaba's claim.

[Award 2327; R.P. 7601; Waiakea Hilo; 1 ap.; 12.25 ac.; R.P. 7602 Kalaihina Puna; 1 ap.; 11.32 Acs; See also 4658 not awarded]