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Claim Number: 02291
Claimant: Keaweamahi, Emilia, wahine
Other claimant:Kapuniai, Elia
Other name:
Island: Kauai
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Waimea, Makaweli
Ili: Peekauai, Waiahole
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No. 2291, E. Keaweamahi, Waimea, December 24, 1847
N.R. 432-433v3

I hereby petition you for my claim for land and house lot. From the time of my kane ali'i, Kaikioewa, I had all these things which I now have and on his death I continued his rulership, which was given to me. A nana aku no au iaia mawaho o kona moe ana. /Obscure allusion/. For your information, O Land Commissioners, that is my claim for my place which I occupy. We held it from the time of the fighting, and in the year 1837 Kailinaoa died, and from thence until this time, that is what I tell you.


This is the nature of the house lot, which was from Kaikioewa. When he died, Kekuanaoa was the one from whom I held it. Therefore there are three with the right to the place; mine is from the year 1831 to 1847, this being the place to which the right was conveyed in the previous letter. This is stated for your information.

Another land claim was a panala'au* which was from my makuakane. It was from the time of Kaenaokane /see p. 187 "Ruling Chiefs"/, of Kamehameha I, being the time /after the battle of/ Nuuanu. From then is when I got this 'ili. It is at Kaalea, being the single ku there, which is called Nawaaliiliikiolea. That is my claim on Oahu, at Kalea, for you to consider.

/*Land area was given as spoils of battle sometimes./

F.T. 183-187v11supp
No. 2291, Kapuniai, Claimant, Tuesday March 26, 1851.
No. 3591 Keaweamahi
No. 3590
No. 6305

Iona, sworn, says, I know the lands of Claimant. They are as follows:

No. 1 is 5 mooainas & including a pahale in the ili of Peekauai, Waimea, Kauai. Namahana, Pohaku, Maile, potato, Koahi and Peekoa are the names of the moos. Included in this part is also our loi in the moo of Kolokaa.

No. 2 is 3 lois & a kula in the ili of Waiahole in Waimea, Kauai.

No. 3 is two loi & a small loi in the moo of Eleau; the names of these two loi [are] Kanaele & Maihili.

No. 4 is a kula called Kaluamokualuli in the ahupuaa of Makaweli, Kauai.

No. 5 is a lokoia in the ili Kekupua in Makaweli of Kauai.

No. 6 is a kula & pahale in Mahinauli, an ili in Makaweli of Kauai.

No. 7 is a pahale in the district of Keonepoko in the ili of Peekauai in Waimea, Kauai.

No. 8 is an ili called Kaalaaea, in the district of Koolau in Oahu.

No. 1 is bounded:
Mauka by Moos of Kapalamai, Puwahie, Kawaimonona, Kahuamoa Keahilaka
Hanapepe by the river Waimea
Makai by public road
Mana by the pali from Kanaana to Kolokaa.

No. 2 is bounded:
Mauka by the pali of Makaihana and the lois belonging to Kapalaula & Kaeha
Hanapepe by muliwai of Waimea
Makai by muliwai of Waimea
Mana by Pelekane's loi & kula.

No. 3 is bounded:
Mauka by the moo Koponaiki
Hanapepe by Koele of Eleao
Makai by moo of Kumunui
Mana by pali of Pokii.

No. 4 is bounded:
Mauka by John Ballon's kula
Hanapepe by a kula separating it from the loko called Kekupua & Hinaoo
Makai by public road
Mana by a kula in Makaweli.

No. 5 is bounded:
by the kula of Kekupua
Hanapepe by an alia paakai
Makai by Kaukali [Kauhale?] Puuone
Mana by two lokos whose names I do not know.

No. 6 is bounded:
Mauka by the ....

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Makai by Namahana's ili / Pua's ili / Mailepolepo's ili
Mana by Namahana's house lot/Mailepolepo's house lot / Peekanai ditch.

There are separate names in these boundaries as Puilihale and Kahinaia, which are house lots; Lole, Pekeu, Nekinui and Nakaakauwaa are taro and fish lois in this section 1. Other lois are in other patches scattered here and there. Their names and boundaries are as follows:

Mauka by Keaalii ditch
Hanapepe Namahana / Kalino house lot
Makai Namahana moo
Mana Peekanai ditch.

Section 2 -Hookila and Kalokaa.
Mauka by Keahieloko moo
Hanapepe Kahuamoa moo
Makai by Keaalii fish pond
Mana Kawaiohilo's house lot / pali.

Section 1 - There are Koele lois here for the chief in Puniai's custody, Kealii, Peekoa, Namahana and Kanaio. This section is for the poalima; the house lot is named Maunakilika.

Mauka by Papalakoa loi
Hanapepe by Hakuole's house lot / Namahana's house lot
Makai and Mana by Government road.

Most of section one are for the tenants who originally had claims at the time Kaikioewa had been governor. After his death his wife Keaweamahi had the land; then Puniai received it upon her death. He is still living there at this time.

Kapuniai remarked that he was not interested in the tenant land, but would like to have the cocoanuts which are on Kolakau, the poalima and Konohiki lands.

Maluaikoo related that during Kaikioewa's time the people who took care of the coconuts were permitted to eat them unless the chiefs sent orders for coconut, but during Keaweamahi's time she took all of the coconuts for herself. When it came to Kupuniai's time, he distributed the coconuts between the poalima and the Konohiki. The following claimants received objections, for the coconuts.

Keawe No. 6270 Section 2
Iona K. No. 3587 Section 1
Apitera Keikiole 6296 Section 2
Manu No. 6673 Section 2

Section 3 - Kanaele.
Kapuniai had objected to the claim, but the land had extended into Pawale's interest, no. 2982. The reason for this objection was unknown.

Mopua, sworn: after the death of Kaikioewa, Emilia became the governor and Kapehe was the tax assessor. The tax assessor made settlements on the boundaries of this section. He returned that loi for Pawale, assuming it was the boundary of Pawale's moo land, but it was not this way. Earlier it had been a koele loi for the Konohiki; Pawale had it for one or two years, perhaps, and then Emilia took it again.

Maihiili is Emilia's loi, which adjoins Kanaele, and the caretaker of Kanaele stole the fish of Maihiili by letting Kanaele's overflow of water into Maihiili. The rise of water in Maihiili brings the fish to the surface and flows into Kanaele. Emilia felt that this action was very mischievous on Pawale's approval. This land has been with Emilia and Puniai since that time to the present.

Section 8 has been objected by the heirs of Kekaulike. Their reason for this action is unknown to the witness.

Hakuole, sworn, Iona's statement which was made on Tuesday was true and Maluaikoo and Mopua's statements given today were true and accurate.

[Award 2291, Award 3591; & Award 6305; R.P. 8070; Eleau 1 ap. 2 Ac 3 roods 8 rods; Peekauai 1 ap. 15 Acs 2 roods]