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Claim Number: 00062B
Claimant: Kahoa, wahine
Other claimant:
Other name: Kaahoa
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Hotel St.
Statistics: 10304 characters 1785 words
[No. 62B, Kahoa [wahine]
N.R. 67-72v1

No. 62, John Rives

Know all men We, the undersigned, the keikis of John Rives, have thought of ways to correct the administration of our property, as in the will of our makuakane.

We have conferred and decided as follows: One of us, G. V. Rives M. shall be head of us all and we shall agree on what he is to do. He will represent us in petitioning for the property which was heedlessly taken and in everything to do with our father's will. And he will work with the Land Commissioners as in the law of the Hawaiian Islands.

We have agreed to give him the power of decision and he will administer our property which is entangled.
In witness whereof we sign our names, May 25, 1846.

Explanation of the Claim:
To the Land Commissioners: I, the undersigned, having been chosen by my mau hoahanau as in our letter to you of May 25, 1846, and also as one of the heirs of my father, therefore I have prepared this document which tells of our claim to the claim to the house lots which have been out into many small parcels at this time and I will also tell of the reason for our request, in accordance with the law enacted on December 10, 1845.

The Land Claim
Our makuakane, Mr. Rives, lived in this place in the time of Kamehameha's reign. The boundaries of his place are Paki's lot and B. Pitman's lot, along Kanaana's makai boundary to the Southwest. The boundary of C. Brewer & Co. is on the north, and our road and the makai side of Peter Andson's [Anderson] lot is the mauka boundary on the East. The lot where L. Thompson lives and Kanaana's lot are on the south side. These lots do not enter, and the circumference is square. /See attached sketch/ [None in this document]

This is where our makuakane dwelt and it was perfectly clear, since there were many people who knew that this place was for my makuakane, Mr. Rives - some of them are John Neddles, Alex Adams, Mr. Reces and some other people, and George Tolman.

In 1823 our makuakane went with Liholiho to Britain and bequeathed his place to us as children under the "Lii as customary to the natives of this land, and we lived under the King's protection, and if it was thought we lacked for something we were helped, since the King was the parent of all minor children.

We were truly his heirs to everything of his and we lived as the natives of this place did, in accordance with his command.

He also wrote a will and left it with Newalu /Navarro/ a man from America living on this island at the time and he also directed him to care for us. But Newalu died and we did not know where he kept that will, but Mr. Reces heard our makuakane's words as he was a friend and he will testify as to what he heard from our makuakane's mouth concerning us, the children.

At that time we were living on a portion of the lot, and Mr. Hammat and his wahine were on one side of the lot. We heard that Hammat rented that place from Rives, our makuakane, and paid him yearly for the occupancy - however, we do not know how many years he lived there, since we were ignorant at that time and did not have any document.

But at this time we hear it said that Hammat bought this place from Rives, therefore we, the heirs of the deceased, wish to have the witnesses of this s ....

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.... im to his piece which she occupies and claims, though they are living on it with her. Their portion of land which they seek to recover is that occupied by Ahu.

Resumed page 355.

F.T. 355v2
Cl. 62, J.G. Rives, counter 6506, Ahu, continued from page 308, 21, June [1848]

This agreement made and entered into between Ahu (alias Ahpong), A Chinaman of the first part, and John Rives and George P. Rives of the second part, witnesseth.

That whereas the above named parties to this agreement are counter claimants to a certain lot situated in Honolulu, and now occupied by the said Ahu, and whereas the parties are desirous of settling their counter claims amicably without further litigation before the Land Commission, it is therefore agreed between the said parties:

1. That said Ahu of the first part shall remove from said lot within two months from this date, and relinquish all claims to said lot; and consent that the same be awarded to the parties of the second part; provided that John Rives & George P. Rives, the parties of the second part, shall within one month from this date, erect a good and substantial adobie wall around a certain lot belonging to the said Ahu, situated in Honolulu, on Water Street, which last mentioned lot was given by the King to the said Ahu by a written instrument under date of April 20, 1836 and which instrument is now of file with the board of Commissioners to quiet Land titles (See Native Testimony V, page 2).

2.It is further agreed between the parties to this agreement that Ahu may remove from the disputed lot which he now occupies, any timber, adobies, coral, stones, gates or other improvements that he may have put thereon; without any let or hindrance on the part of the said John & George P. Rives, parties of the second part.

[Margin note: See page 107 volume 3, Native Testimony for Ahu's original grant.

In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this 21st day of June 1848 at Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands,
Ahpong, John Rives, George P. Rives
signed & sealed in the presence of W.L. Lee

N.T. 90v1
No. 62, John Rives, Adjustors' Office, August 3, 1846

Liki, sworn, I know that J. Rives had a huge property and a large house for entertaining which has been divided into small sections at this time. Therefore, I am not able to show correctly the divisions of J. Rives property as it was at that time I had seen it. I did not know that J. Rives had sold a portion of his property because I was residing in the country, also I do not know exactly when it had been divided.

It was postponed to the 11th day of August when Liki may come again, also Kaaipuaa (may come).

See page 95

N.T. 95v1
[No. 62, John Rives], Adjustors' Office, August 11, 1846, (from page 90)

Manuia's sworn testimony
Question: What do you know about this place?
Answer: I do not know; my older brother has words for this place; however, here is the thing that I do know. From Kalaki's present place to C. Brewer and Company is the distance and from Egypt's place to Pita's [Peter] land comprises the breadth. This place was acquired by Halaki. We had returned to the place we are living now and now we are going?

[Award 62B; R.P. 91; near Hotel St. Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .22 Ac.; See also 62]