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Claim Number: 01853*M
Claimant: Kekauonohi, M.
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Lahaina
Ahupuaa: Kelawea, Ilikahi, Puaa
Ili: Halekamani, Pahumanamana, Hoolili pond, Makaulia,Kahikona, Kuokoamamua, Kalua Pelapela, Kekuelike, Puaa
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No. 1853*M, M. Kekauonohi, Iolani House, my residence in Honolulu, 17 December 1848
N.R. 277v3

To the Honorable Land Commissioners At Halekauwila, Greetings:

As in the Law, I again state these land claims for my house lots at Lahaina, Island of Maui, as follows:

No. 1 House lot at Halekamani
No. 2 House lot at Pahumanamana
No. 3 House lot at on the mauka side of Hoolili pond, on the northwest of Laahili's place as far as the stone house of Hoolulu.
No. 4 House lot to Makaulia.
No. 5 House lot at Kahikona.
No. 6 House lot at Kuokoamamua.
No. 7 House lot at Kalua Pelapela
No. 8 House lot at Kekuelike
No. 9 House lot at H.L. Luitona is living /H.L. Lewiston?/
No. 10 is at Puaa.

Those are my house lots which are all in Lahaina. They are all occupied by people placed by myself in those places, and we have rights together in these places. However, I will not oppose them if they first present their claims. There are many witnesses who know of this place being mine. Therefore, ten days before action is taken, present the witnesses to me.

F.T. 210-212v3
Cl. 1853, Kekauonohi

Kaeo, sworn, I know this land. It is Halekamani in Lahaina, Maui.

No. 1 - a house lot of 7 houses of claimant & fenced having a fish pond.
Mauka is the main road
Olewalu [Olowalu] is Lahili & A. Kaeo
Makai is the Sea
Kaanapali is Kanaina and Holulo.

Claimant had this from Kamehameha I and has held it undisputed ever since.

[No.] 2 Pahumanamana - house lot in Lahaina having 7 houses principally built by foreigners who hold on short leases.
Mauka by Main road
Olewalu [Olowalu] by Kanaina
Makai by Sea
Kaanapali by King.

Derived with No. 1 in the same way and never disputed.

[No.] 3 House lot Makaulia, Lahaina - two houses fenced.
Mauka by Ohihee
Olewalu [Olowalu] by School house
Makai by road
Kaanapali by Baldwin's lot.

Claimant had this from Nahienaena and has held it undisputed.

[No.] 4 Kahikona, Lahaina - 2 houses fenced.
Mauka by King
Olewalu [Olowalu] by Kuakoa & Road
Makai by Kalua
Kaanapali by Kaleleiki.

Claimant had this from Kamehameha I. Undisputed.

[No.] 5 Kuakoa lives in charge - 1 house unfenced.
Mauka, Olewalu [Olowalu] and Makai by C ....

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.... ncluding his land in this lot [were] left to Makaiole, his wife. The opposing force has appeared recently.

Kalua (Question): Whose idea was it to divide this place equally?

Kekahuna (Answer): It was their idea, Kahekili and Kapeleaumoku.

(Question): Were you there when this was done?
(Answer) I was not there, I had heard only, but it was done.
(Question): If Kekanonohi was living at this time, would Makaiole still have her claim?
(Answer): Yes.
(Question): Did you not tell me at one time that the place was for Kahekili?
(Answer): I was telling you about the land in general, Makaiole had always tilled the land to that day I was talking to you. You did not ask me for the number of tenants on the land, I would have told you all about that too.

Manae, sworn, Keohokana's statements are all true although he was new there. We were the older folks there who started the work on the fence. Kahekili had brought us on the Pupuka and we lived with Kapeleaumoku under Nanuu, his cousin. We have always cultivated the land to the present time without objections.

Kalua (Question): For whom was Kapeleaumoku working in that lot?

Manae (Answer): For Kahekili and for himself.

(Question): Where were all of the tenants who worked on that lot from?
(Answer): From the land of Kahekili and others were Kapeleaumoku's favorites.
(Question): Where is Kahekili's own land? And Kapeleaumoku's?
(Answer): After the death of (Mr.) Hoapilikane, Kahekili asked Kapeleaumoku for a place for his own tenants, so there was a distribution of land - eight moo's for Kahekili and 4 for Kapeleaumoku. Kapeleaumoku's wife has those same 4 moo's on which she lives today.
(Question): Did you witness (eye) this undertaking between them?
(Answer): Yes.

N.T. 454-455v10
[No number], 24 January 1855
[should be 1853?]

Decision: By the three land commissioners as they held conference on this day. For the case between King Kamehameha III and M. Kekauonohi (for L. Haalelea) concerning the house site called "Halekamani," which lies in Lahaina, Maui. We hereby execute it for King Kamehameha III, forever, thereby leaving M. Kekauonohi and his heirs with nought.

[Award 1853; R.P. 1166; Kelawea Lahaina; 1 ap.; .10 Ac.; 1 ap.; Ilikahi (Ap. 2); See also 6325 & 4878; Award 11216 for entire ahupuaa]