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Claim Number: 01838
Claimant: Pamaieulu
Other claimant:Metcalf, counter
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Manoa
Ili: Kawailele, Kanaloa
Statistics: 5165 characters 901 words
No. 1838, Pamaieulu
N.R. 273v3

`Ili of Kawailele, Manoa, Island of Oahu. 1847. I have had three lo`i for six years. I have one kula. On the north is the lo`i of Paaniani on the east is the kula of Puipui, on the south is the kula of Kanaloa, on the west is the lo`i of Wahahee. My lo`i at Kanaloa /is bounded/ on the north by the lo`i of Hoohohoku, on the west by the lo`i of Hoohoku. My half lo`i is at Hakuole. I have one lo`i in the mo`o of Ewaloa. /At/ Paniani, I have six lo`i on the east.

F.T. 203-204v3
No. 1838, Pamaieula, November 19 [1849]

Nakula wahine, sworn, I know this place in Wailele, Manoa, Kalo land 1 patch and kula with 1 house, unfenced.

Mauka is Metcalf's land
Waititi, also & Makai
Ewa, Lui French.

Claimant had this from Keoki, konohiki now dead. He got in time of Kinau, and has held it undisputed to 1847 when Mr. Metcalf first disputed it, and he now holds the lot.

Claimant has never received any compensation.

Manae, sworn, confirmed the above testimony.

Page 329.

F.T. 329v3
No. 1838, Pamaieula, 18 March [1853]

R. Armstrong, MPI. sworn, A survey of Mr. Metcalf's lan ....

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.... to the konohiki for whom the land had belonged. The work land is Wailele and his house is included in there; therefore, if this is his interest, it is well. However, he is at fault in taking everything from whereon he had not done any cultivation.

Kuikuikahi, sworn, I am a native of Manoa and had lived at Halalena. I have seen Maieula's plantings, one of which was a taro patch wherein he had worked until the crop was matured When Metcalf's land was surveyed, it was discovered that this land had extended into Pamaieula's patch, so the crop was divided. Pamaieula objected at the time of the survey of the property but had approved to the sale of the crop for $120.00 /?/. A patch of sweet potato was near the stream, the crop of which was also divided and sold for $6.00. He did pay for Fridav work to Kealohapauole. There are patches in Wailele for his older brother and he also has a patch there and another half
of a patch is at Kaualaa. The sweet potato moo is for Puahia. Pamaieula has lived at these places from 1845 to the time the land was acquired by Metcalf.

Kianui: Pamaieula had complained over the problem of crop distribution by Metcalf. The case was heard by Mr. Bates and Metcalf was sustained.

[No. 1838 not awarded]