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Claim Number: 01793
Claimant: Hookele/Nahookele
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Moanalua
Ili: Kahaiao, Maili
Statistics: 2990 characters 451 words
No. 1793, Hookele
N.R. 256v3

To the Land Commissioners, Greetings: I, the undersigned, hereby state my claim in the 'ili of Kahaiao, Ahupua'a of Moanalua, Island of Oahu. There are three lo'i, one kula, four coconut trees.
December 13, 1847

F.T. 189-190v3
No. 1793, Hookele

Kalanikilo, sworn, This land is in Moanalua, Kahaiao, kula & kalo of 4 patches, 1 house.

Mauka is Ulualoha, Kaimu & Waikoke
Honolulu, Oluehu
Makai, Kaupulehu
Ewa, kula of Sumner.

Claimant received this from his father in 1846 & he, Pupuka, lived there from time immemorial.

Kane, sworn, confirmed the testimony.

N.T. 517v3
No. 1793, Hookele

Kalanikilo, sworn, I have seen his land in the ili of Kahaiao in Moanalua.

4 taro patches, a pasture and 1 house with no fence
Mauka, Uluhoaloha, Kaimu and Kawaikekee
Honolulu, Uluehu
Makai, Kaupulehu
Ewa, Wm. Sumner.

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.... time Hoomoeapule was konohiki and I believe the land is for the konohiki.

Nohonani (witness for Nahookele), sworn, I have seen this land, the patch Kahaiao in the ili of Kahaiao of Moanalua and it was enjoyed by the common people, Keehi was separated it was a koele toward the sea, it was not in the uplands. When Hoomoeapule had possession of the land, Hoapili and Kai went to Moanalua to work in the patch, Niau. After this was done, Kai ordered Hoomoeapule to cultivate the patch Kaiahao. It was time of Harvest when Hoapili had returned from the battle of Kauai, however the taro was not of good quality and the patch was given to Pupuka. This was before 1829.

Kaakau (Wahine), sworn, during the time of Kumuehuea and Ulili, there was no koele in this patch, it still was not a koele when Hoomoeapule had possession of it. Nohonani's statements are true.

[Award 1793; R.P. 2075; Kahaiao Moanalua Kona; 1 ap.; 3.94 Acs; Maili Moanalua Kona; 1 ap.; .52 Ac.]