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00051 Fanny, Robert & Nancy, siblings
Claim Number: 00051
Claimant: Farmer, Henry et al.
Other claimant:Fanny, Robert & Nancy, siblings
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Beretania St.
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No. 51, Henry Farmer, claimant
F.R. 65v1

2 documents entered in this Rigister, page 69 & 70

F.R. 69v1
Claim 51 [Henry Farmer &c]

To those whom these presents shall come, that we, Hannah, Henry, Robert, & Nancy Farmer, all of the heirs of Henry Farmer, late deceased, do hereby place our claims & rights to a piece of ground situated in the village of Honolulu on the Waikiki road. It bounds as follows:, on the Northeast side, south of Stephen Reynolds, ninety-eight feet, and in the opposite side, on the Waikiki road running Northwest and Southeast, one hundred & twenty-six feet, and on the Northwest side by the road running towards Punchbowl hill, one hundred & ninety-four feet, and also on the Southeast side by Kaaoaohema's, one hundred & seventy-four feet, by a three foot rule. This being a part & parcel of the land granted to the above said Farmer by Richard Charlton, a subject of Great Brritain, and against the above piece of land, we do hereby certify that there are no other claims whatever.
Signed, by each of us this fourth day of May 1846
Hannah Farmer, Henry Farmer, Robert Farmer, Nancy Farmer

F.T. 63v1
Claim No. 51, Henry Farmer, &c, July 15 [1846]

Stephen Reynolds, Witness sworn stated, that since 1827 or 1828 the claimants had occupied the place now claimed, as far as he could recollect. Witness never knew any person to set up a counter claim to this land. From report he knew that Farmer formerly lived at Pearl river, on the land he got from Kaikeoewa. Kaikeoewa ejected him from that land, and Farmer came up here to live, and witness heard Mr. Charlton often say to Farmer, Go and take off as much as much as you want for a house lot (in the land in question); observing it would be a good place to work upon ships, with Mr. Robinson.
The father of claimants who took possession of it died about 1834.

Resumed at page 151

F.T. 151v1
Claim No. 51, Henry Farmer (continued from page 63) 2 June [1847]

Andrew Auld, sworn deposed, I know when claimants' father got this land from Charlton. It was about 1827. I never heard of claimant having had any opposition to the occupation of this land to the present time; nor that any one claimed it. The land was a common when Mr. Farmer fenced it in. He has been dead about 12 years. When he died his family continued to reside there.

D. Lyons, sworn deposed, I always heard claimants' father got the place from Captain Charlton; it was then a common. I never heard of anyone interferring with the claimants. I never heard of anyone having any rights there or interfering.

Resumed, Page 257, volume 2

F.T. 257-259v2
Claim 51, Henry Farmer & others, March 31 [1848]

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.... ace since that time. Previously Farmer had lived in Ewa, on the land that Kaikioewa had given him. I think he had separated from Kaikioewa and came to Honolulu to live. At that time I had heard Richard Charlton tell Farmer to live there and to take possession of the land as he desired. Farmer died in the year 1834 perhaps.

Kalaiheana - Auwaa, assistant, No. 50 postponed to the 21st day of July.

Continued page 592, Volume 2

N.T. 592v2
No. 51, Henry Farmer, March 31

Kauka Luka /Dr. Rook/, sworn and said, "I have seen this document. I am the witness and I did write my name as a witness. I have seen the signature of Jasper on this document and I had also seen Jasper gesturing with his hands on this document and saying, "This is my work." I have not known the writing of the names on this docum-ent and saying, "This is my work." I have not known the writing of the names on this document although I believe it was done that day. I do not know what is on the inside of this paper."

John Meek, sworn and stated, "I have seen this document; I am a witness and my name is in there. I did not quite understand what was being done, but as for my signature, I think it was written at that time."

G. P. Judd. sworn and stated, "One interest of Charlton was tried by the English government and that property is the property which is close to the beach where Mr. Keaniani is living now. A decision was made in England and the other which was passed here in the Oahu Legislature is for the debt of Charlton to Oswal and Patrickson of San Francisco. Charlton's property was sold by auction to pay for his debt and a half of it was acquired by John Dominis for the government of Hawaii here. This was done two years before the drawing of the bill of land sale which was in the hands of the land commissioners.

I have not seen Charlton's land lease and his interest and I did not see the auction for that property which is toward the mountain. I think it is impossible to understand the layout of that land because the contents of the land lease between Kalaimoku and Charlton were not understood and the corners and perimeter mentioned in that lease were not given attention; therefore, I would not know whether this property belonging to Farmer had extended into Charlton's place by lease or otherwise of the boundaries mentioned in that lease. It has not been made clear to this day the authenticity or otherwise of that land lease. It has not been understood nor has it been denied. Charlton had some rights in a parcel of land lying close to this land belonging to Farmer, but these interests have been sold through an auction by the marshal for Charlton's indebtedness to G? or Oswal and Padrickson."

[Award 51; R.P. 84; Beretania St. Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .47 Ac.]