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Claim Number: 01499
Claimant: Kapalu
Other claimant:Kamakee, wife
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Pauoa
Ili: Kewalo, Kukuluaeo
Statistics: 3963 characters 549 words
No. 1499, Kapalu
N.R. 137v3

To the Land Commissioners, Greetings: I, the undersigned, hereby tell of my land claim, for four taro lo`i, one fish pond and a house lot in the `ili of Kewalo, in Pauoa, Island of Oahu, also a salt bed at Kukuluaeo adjoining Honolulu, Oahu. That is what I have to tell you, the Commissioners.
Maunahao at Kewalo, Honolulu, Oahu, December 7, 1847

F.T. 66v3
Cl. 1499, Kapalu, December 27, 1848, See page 506,

Kawalelei, sworn, I know this land. It is in Pauoa, Kewalu, being kalo and salt ponds in Kukuluaeo, near Honolulu & house lot in Kewalu.

1. House lot. Claimant has one house partly fenced.
Mauka is my land
Waititi is Kauhi
Makai, Newa
Ewa, J. Booths.

2. Two kalo patches.
Mauka, Keowai
Waititi, Kalialoi
Makai, Keowai
Ewa, Kauhi.

3. Two patches.
Mauka, Keowai
Waititi, Kuhia, formerly
Makai, Keawe
Ewa, Keowai.

4. Several salt ponds about 6 in Kukulaea.
Mauka is my place
Waititi, Kahuia
Makai, Koiamai
Ewa, Kikane.

Claimant had the first lot, second & third from Piikoi in time of Manuia, or rather from his wife, Kamakee, and has ever since held possession of the house lot, undisputed to this time, and of the two kalo lots to the ....

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.... in Pauoa. There are patches only and no house or pasture. The patches number four and there is a salt bed. This lot has two sections with one house site, one salt bed and the patches which are not collectively together.

2. House lot with one house and no fence.
Mauka is my land
Waikiki by Kahue's land
Makai by Newa's land
Honolulu, John Booth's land.

3. Two patches:
Mauka is Keowai's land
Waikiki by Kahaawi's land
Makai by Keowai's land
Ewa, Kahue's land.

4. Two patches:
Mauka is Keowai
Waikiki by Kuhia's original land, Kahaloa
Makai by Keawe's land
Ewa, Keowai's land.

Six salt beds:
Mauka is my land
Waikiki by Kahue's land
Makai, Koiamai's
Ewa, Kikane's land.

The taro land and the house lot are from J. Piikoi and the salt patches were received at the time Manuia was living at the fort. Piikoi is the present konohiki. Laanui had protested about the patches while Piikoi had not raised any objections for the same.

Kauhi had given the salt land during Kinau's time and no one had objected.

Postponed until other witnesses are summoned.

[Award 1499; R.P. 1792; Kewalo Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .33 Ac.; Auwaiolimu Honolulu Kona; 2 ap.; 1.66 Acs]