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Claim Number: 01281
Claimant: Kuluwailehua, Samuel
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Waikiki
Ili: Kamoku, Kamoku 2
Statistics: 6542 characters 1086 words
No. 1281, Kuluwailehua, Honolulu, 6 December 1847
N.R. 54v3

To the Land Commissioners, Greetings: I hereby tell you of my claims at Waikiki in the `ili of Kamoku, which was from the Mo`i; I live there under his protection, and the ko`eles and po`alimas, and the genuine land* and the coconut grove and the fishery and the benefits of the land are mine under the Mo`i.

My own claims are a house lot and three lo`i which are my very own, from my makuahine.

I also tell you of Kamoku Two, the `ili of William Lunalilo which I have. The po`ailimas and the ko`eles are for William Lunalllo. I hold it as was the custom of the makuas.

Here is my own claim, for a house lot and five lo`i which is held by my kaikuahine who is over me, but I have the administration of it, this was the own property of our makuakane; three are her own and two are mine, a total of five lo`i.

There is also a claim for a small single lo`i in Kuilei; this single claim is held by me.

These are my claims which I tell you of.
Farewell to you all,

/*Translator's note: refers to land long developed and held under a konohiki./

F.T. 458v2
Cl. 1281, Kuluwailehua, September 4, 1848

[margin note: See Native Register page 242, volume III] [should say Native Testimony]

Kahiaweawa, sworn, I know these lands. They are an ili in Waititi called Kamokuakahi, Oahu. Claimant presented a paper from the Minister of Finance showing the land Kamoku was set aside to claimant in the division of lands, stat ....

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.... ehua

Kahiaweawe, sworn, I have see Kuluwailehua's parcels of land at Kamoku I in Waikiki - 5 parcels of land, Keomuku and Pau.

1. 1 coconut grove and Keomuku sea; the boundaries are:
Mauka, land of Kekuanaoa
Waikiki, land of Keohokalole named Hamohamo
Makai, the surf's breaking point
Ewa, land of Kekuanaoa.

2. 3 patches; the boundaries are:
Mauka, land of Haumea
Waialae, land of John Young, called Pahoa
Makai, land of M. Kekuanaoa
Ewa, land of C. Kanaina.

3. 6 patches and a pasture, and the boudnaries are:
Mauka, land of Uma
Waialae, land of M. Kekuanaoa, Pahupahuapuaa
Makai, land of Kekuanaoa Kalia
Ewa, land.

4. House lot and 13 taro patches:
Mauka, Kalia stream
Waialae, land of Kekuanaoa named Waiaka
Makai, land of Kekuanaoa
Ewa, land of C. Kanaina.

5. 1 taro patch at Pa`u:
Mauka, land of M. Kekuanaoa
Waikiki and Makai, land of C. Kanaina
Ewa, land of Kekuanaoa by the stream.

Kanekoa, Kuluwailehu's mother, had given him these sections of land in 1840 and she had received this land from Keopulani during the time of Kamehameha I where she has lived to 1848, at which time King Kamehameha III gave her a grant by the Mahele. No one had objected. The natives have retained their interests.

[Award 1281; R.P. 166; Kamoku Waikiki (Ap. 1); 1 ap.; 6.35 Acs; R.P. 7428; Waikiki Kona; (Ap. 2); 1 ap.; .92 Ac.; R.P. 403: Kamoku 2 Waikiki Kona; 2 ap.; 15.89 Acs; Land Patent 8102; Waikiki Kona; (Ap. 3); 1 ap.; 4.55 Acs]