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Claim Number: 01177
Claimant: Bell, William aka William Pea
Other claimant:Ukiwini (William Stevens)
Other name: Pea, Bill
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Kaumakapili
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Claim 1177, William Bell, Honolulu, 25 November 1847
F.R. 135v2

To the Honorable William Lee, &c, &c., President of the Board to quiet Land titles, &c, &c.

[margin note: J. Holland, agent]
I declare unto you, my name is William Bell, that I have a claim on the Island of Oahu. It is the claim of my wife, Manea, who purchased it for 20$; the money belonged to me; a house lot where we lived when she died. It was lieft in the care of Palahea, and I also lived together with Palahea, and when he died, the possession came to me, which is my opinion, for I was a husband lawfully married & therefore the possession of that land is clearly mine.

The money was mine that was given to my wife, and here is what will make it evident: a trial before you. It lies in this great village of Honolulu, near the place of Mua to windward. The place of Kapehe, seaward, that of Kahalewiliwili on Ewa side, with yard of Konia inland. Within thse is the place I bring before you, the land Commissiners. Salutations to you all from whim who will listen to your verdict
William Bell, British subject.

Note: The above claim encosed two writings in Hawaiian, one a duplicate of the present claim & the other dated December 23, 1842 and copied in Native Register, volume 2, page 569.

See N.R. page 569, volume II. 1177B

N.R. 569-571v2
No. 1177, William Bell, Honolulu, 25 November 1847

To the Esteemed William L. Lee, President of the Land Commissioners appointed by the Moi to quiet titles in the Hawai ....

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.... ain. This he had consented and they lived there until her death, and her bequest for her her brother Palahea. I have not known who owned that place after Palahea's death except that Kiwini had felt the plae was his; therefore, he filed a claim for it. Some other peple had enclosed the entire property and had dug a well. There is no house there and W. Kiwini is the person objecting to William Bell."

Kahalewiliwili, sworn by the Word of God and stated, "I have seen this property and the sale between the wife of William and William Kiwini (Stevens). The boundaries are like those Kaapuiki has just related. The selling price and the year it was sold are the same. William Bell had been living as husband to Malaea and they had been married by Kuakini during his governorship. When that woman died, she had bequested this place to her brother, Palahea. When Palahea had died in 1839, he had no will. Before Bell went to Hawaii on a trip he had directed me to have custody of that property. Later Reynolds had come to tell me that he would take care of the property, but I said to him, 'When the foreigner returns, you tell it to him'."

Joseph Holland, sworn by the Word of God and stated, "I had seen William Bell give his wife some money with which to pay for the house and land and that was the year 1829 or 1830 probably, and that property was acquired by him. I had lived with him there and had heard Kaomi say to Bell the property would be transferred to him."

[Award 1177; R.P. 155; Kaumakapili Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .93 Ac.]