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Claim Number: 01075
Claimant: Umi
Other claimant:Kaailaau, daughter
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu, Kalihi
Ili: Kahauwali, Mahani
Statistics: 4364 characters 655 words
No. 1075, Umi
N.R. 618v2

To the Land Commissioners, Greetings and peace: I, Umi, hereby tell you of my claims for four patches, a weed-grown patch /fallow/, a house lot, and some hala which was planted, in the 'ili 'aina of Kahauali, next to Kauhaukoi in Honolulu, Island of Oahu. I lived there one year. Another claim is in the 'ili 'aina of Mahani, next to Keonepanee in Kalihi, there are thirteen patches and a Palai /cultivated palai fern?/. I have been there many years

F.T. 331v2
Cl. 1075, Umi, 5 June 1848

Hololua, sworn, This place is called Kahauwali in Honolulu aina, consisting of 4 kalo patches and a house, bounded:

Mauka by Kahananui's place
Waititi by Auhaukoe's place
Makai by Palahau's
Ewa by Paheaana's.

There is part of a fish pond in this lot. The house is Kaailaau's, daughter of claimant. Kaailaau gave this place to her father last year. She got it form Kahouiki in 1846 and gave it to her father's care for both of them. Kaholoiku [sic?] is her husb ....

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.... e section.

Kaeo Ehu's land, toward the mountain
Kauwahi's land, Waikiki
My property, toward the sea and Ewa.

There is no enclosure here and the house is for Keonekapu. The ground and one-half of the patch is for Kahoniki and the other half of the patch is for me. Kaeo had given Kahoniki this interest at the time of the battle on Kauai; no one had objected to this."

Uluoa, sworn and said, "I have seen this property of Uluoa at Kuihonu in Honolulu district.

The government road is toward the mountain
Koiniu, a land, Waikiki
Kuili, a land, toward the sea
Alapai's land, Ewa.

There is no fence on this place and Uluoa has one house there. He had received this land from Naihe at the time Kiaaina was governor for Oahu here and he has lived there to this day in perfect peace."

Naihe, sworn and he stated, "I have seen Uluoa's property exactly as Umi has just related here."

[Award 1075; R.P. 2683; Kahawali Honolulu Kona;1 ap.; .62 Ac.; R.P. 4669; Kalihi Kona; 1 ap.; .33 Ac.]