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Claim Number: 00028-2
Claimant: Keaniani
Other claimant:Kaleimemeha, heir, Kaleimamahu?
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Kapuukolo
Statistics: 7787 characters 1297 words
No. 28-2, Keaniani, Claimant
F.R. 43v1

[Note: there are 2 no. 28 documents; this one is numbered 28-2]

[Margin note: Presented 12 o'clock April 15th]

1 document entered in Native Register, page 35.

N.R. 35-37v1
No. 28, Keaniani, Honolulu, April 7. 1846

To Mr. Richards: My lot has been surveyed - the boundaries of all sides are given:

North 25 fathoms 2 feet
East 7 fathoms 5 feet
North 5 fathoms
East 14 fathoms 2 feet
South 3 fathoms
East 19 fathoms 3 feet
South 16 fathoms to the road
The side mauka of the road, 42 fathoms

/See diagram/


The square on the place mauka of the road is leased at $35 per year for 4 years and If it is not paid in six months It will be taken up.

The parcel makal of the road. Kelemaka /Gravier/ lives on the east side. The reason he lives there is that Kaikioewa asked me to give part of my place for Gravier to use as a sailmaker. I did not consent for Gravier to live there long, and I did agree that he could live there under my authority until he got his own place, then he could move there. On one side of this lot a haole, Manuela, is living. The reason he is living there is because my wahine's kaikua`ana went with Manuel, therefore he said to her, "You ask Keaniani for a place for us," and she agreed and asked my wahine. My wahine spoke to me and I agreed that they could live there. I said, Say, you two, you will live under me, and your kane can stay because of you. I would not consent that they stay long and this place become theirs - I did not say that. When they lived there Manuel pushed his wahine out and she went elsewhere and then Manuel thought this place would be his, not mine, but he was mistaken. I was astonished at his expulsion of his wahine - he had another idea at this time. I, the owner, refused. This is my kuleana, which I got from Kaum ....

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.... ng to what I heard Kaikioewa had asked Keaniani and when he got it, he then gave it to Kelemaka.
Question: Who told you (this)?
M. Kekuanaoa: I heard Manu telling Kinau.
Question: Did you hear about Kelemaka sewing a sail?
M. Kekuanaoa: Yes, I have heard. In the evening Kaikioewa returns often to Kinau's place and (this time) she said to him, "Here is that mischievous and wandering (aimlessly) old man. It had to be you to give away the land of the king "'

I gave it to the person who would sew the sails of our ships.

It would have been fine if you were doing the right thing.

N.T. 60-61v1
No. 28, Keaniani, Office of the Board of Commissioners Who Quiet Land Titles, Kauila House, June 16, 1846

Pokii sworn:
Question: Have you seen Keaniani's place?
Pokii: Yes.
Question: What is his claim?
Pokii: This is his claim that he came together with his king and left him on Maui while he continued his journey here and destroyed the short districts from Kualoa to Waimanalo. Kaumaumakea was living here and she gave the houselot.
Question: Was this place fenced?
Pokii: Yes.
Question: Is it a small lot, 2 large lot perhaps?
Pokii: It is a high property and all of Keaniani's parents have lived there.
Question: Did you see the time that property was acquired by Kelemaka?
Pokii: Yes, Kaikioewa asked Keaniani for a property.

Keaniani consented and Kaikioewa gave Kelemaka a place for him to live on and sew a sail for Keohoi. The place belonging to Manuel have entered into Kaikioewa's property.

It was agreed by the officers of Principles to quiet land titles to postpone till Manuel comes to resume work again.

See page 155 [No.s 107, 108, 109, 110 Manuel]

[Award 28-2; R.P. 5; Kapuukolo Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .74 Ac.; tmk 1-1-9-04; Keaniani for heir Kaleimemeha or Kaleimamahu]