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Claim Number: 00022
Claimant: Kauwaina, G. / Weloula
Other claimant:Paahana, Kapau, Napahi heirs
Other name: Weloula
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Kapuukolo
Statistics: 8611 characters 1343 words
No. 22, G. Kauwaina, Claimant
F.R. 39v1

[Margin note: Presented 1/4 of 11 o'clock A.M. 15 April]

1 document entered in Native Register page 40.

N.R. 40v1
No. 22 G. Kauwaina, Weloula, Petition, Kapuukolo, Honolulu Oahu, April 8, 1846

To the Land Commissioners: I hereby testify as to my rights in the lot, from when my makuakane lived there till now /when/ I, his keiki /have it/.

My makuas lived in the time of Kamehameha /I/. Kuihelani was here in Honolulu. Then, the people lived under the authority of Kuihelani. This lot of mine was from my makuas until their death, and I was their heir. Therefore, I take an edge of my place to convey to Weloula and an edge to convey to Napahi. In the sketch below is shown what is conveyed and what remains. The numbers are explanatory. Place conveyed to Weloula, 1-2-3-4. Place conveyed to Napahi, 5-6-7-8. Remainder to me, 9-10-11-12.
This is the description by the petitioner G. Kauwaina


N.R. 82-83v1
No. 22, L. Paahana & Kapau, See 22 G. Kauwaina, Puukolo, April 279 1846

Greetings to the Land Commissioners - the ones who rectify troubles and entanglements: I am petitioning you for the place which Kauwaina has asked for. Before you award to Kauwaina, wait, and award a
certain side to me. We are the true heirs of Napahi.

F.T. 30v1
Claim No. 22, G. Kauwaina, June 10, No. 66, Napahi

Umi, witness, sworn deposed, She knows claimant has resided from his childhood in the place where he now lives. His father occupied the place in the time of Kamehameha 1st. It was not surrounded by a fence till a long time after. No person has interfered [sic] with this residence there that I am aware of.

Kane, sworn deposed, he knows claimant lived at the place which he claims at the time Rihoriho arrived at this Island. There was no fence around it, except a little stick fence to keep the pigs out. He does not know when the present fence was built. This is all witness knows.

Kamahihi, sworn deposed, since Lord Paulet was here a difficulty arose between Napahi & Kauwaina in consequence of some women in Kawaina's yard bringing in some foreigners; therefore, Napahi wished to have a fence built between the two yards; and he wished to have the fence run according to a former agreement.

Makaloa, sworn deposed, the first knowledge I have of the premises of Kauwaina & Napahi was while Kinau was living. Witness was acquainted with the fact that there was a difficulty between Napahi & those living in the next yard. Those living there were Rum drinkers, and he wished to drive them away. In consequence of that, Kinau & Kekuanaoa decided there should be a fence run between. The fence was commenced where ....

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.... f what I know.

Question: Is the place enclosed?
Witnesses of Napahi, Kamahiai's sworn testimony:
Question: When was the first time Napahi went to get Kauwaiana's place?
Kamahiai: There is only one thing I know about recently as a reason for the taking (of the land).

There was among us a certain woman who was full of fun and was doing evil at Napahi's place. When Napahi heard of this, he ordered that woman be put out because he disliked the activities there. She was ordered to leave and she went to live with G. Kauwaina. Later a haole came looking for his wife and he broke the door of Napahi's house. This is the reason it was thought to separate the properties of Kauwaina and Napahi.

Question: When was that (time)?
Kamahiai: That was the time after Lord George Paulet.
Question: Were you an eye witness at the time of granting by Kinau?
Kamahiai: I am not an eye witness. They (these people) were the only ones.

Makaloa sworn:
Question: When was a fence put up between their (two) properties?
Makaloa: During Kinau's life time, that is the first I had known.
Question: What did you know at that time?

Makaloa: Napahi is a cousin and Weloula was a man who did bad things. He was full of evil doings that we felt that he should be expelled or we would leave and let him have the place. When Napahi came down here to the fort and M. Kekuanaoa advised that the property be divided between Napahi and Weloula. Napahi asked M. Kekuanaoa to find "this man of yours" a place and be separated. M. Kekuanaoa thought it would be better to enclose each lot equally and Napahi agreed to do this. When this began to be started Weloula came to apologize to Napahi and the property was left as is to this time.

June 16 was agreed upon as the date M. Kekuanaoa will be a witness for the property of Napahi and which would be the last of the testimonies. The final approval will be by the board of land titles when the proper time comes.

Page 59 & 60 [sic]

N.T. 59v1
No. 22, G. Kauwaina, Claim of Napahi No. 66, Office of the Board of Commissioners Who Quiet Land Titles, Kauwila House, June 16, 1846

Governor M. Kekuanaoa's sworn testimony:

J. Napahi came and told me about his problem with Weloula. He related about Weloula's liquor drinking and prostitution. Weloula was summoned, at which time the complaint was explained to him and a favorable proposal was presented to him. I advised him to separate the property between the two of them and Napahi is still living on the lot just as I had divided (it) but for Kauwaina, I do not know about him.

[Award 22; R.P. 7498; Kapuukolo Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .2 Ac.; Weloula for Heirs; R.P. 5454 duplicate cancelled; See also Award 66 for Napahi]