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Claim Number: 00812*M
Claimant: Kaeo, Asa
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Lahaina
Ahupuaa: Puaa, Lahainalalo
Statistics: 8661 characters 1540 words
No. 812*M, Kaeo, Honolulu, 25 October 1847
N.R. 447-449v2

The President of the Land Commissioners and the Commissioners appointed by the Mo`i, greetings: I hereby tell you of my house lots and my claims for them.

1. House lot in Honolulu on Oahu. On the north is the lot of Kahikona, on the west is the lot of Wm. Beckley, on the south is the lot of B. Namakeha and the road. This is my lot and I occupy it, together with B. Namakeha.

2. House lot at Lahaina, Maui. The place of A. Paki is on the south and the sea is on the west. The Halekamani is on the north and the pond is on the east. This is my place, where my makuahine lived, and on her death I inherited it.

3. House lot at Lahaina, Maui, at Puaa, mauka of the church. These house lots are submitted by me at this time.

4. House lot at Punahoa, Hilo, purchased by me from Wm. Beckley. These house lots 4 & 5 were mentioned by me in my letter to the Land Commissioners last year, in 1846.

6. House lot at Lahaina, Maui, which is situated as follows: The road is on the east, the house of Pikanele on the south, and the smithy and the lot of Baea on the west, and the stream on the north. This place belonged to my makuas and I inherited it.

I am prepared to bring the witnesses for these places mentioned herein when the proper time comes.

The 6 mentioned in this letter was given by me to I.W.H. Kaunahi and all my rights and benefits were conveyed to him.
I am, with thanks,
ASA KAEO, Eleele

F.T. 201v3 [See 976 to William Beckley]

F.T. 233-234v3
Cl. 812, A. Kaeo, 1849

Z. Kaauwai, sworn, Part I. ....

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.... en Kaaimalolo enclose this lot and Manono was living makai. When the chiefs acquired the lot, Manono asked Kaaimalolo to allow him to live there and his request was granted, but when he went to kauai, he let Kalua live there. Kaaimalolo complained to the tax assessor, but before the case could be heard, Manono died on Kauai. It was never taken before the tax assessor again. I have never known Keaupuni has an interest there; however, Kaaimalolo had specified Manono's interest there. The words are: "Puaa has that lot, the lot Manono has is the third (lot). This is all of your rights of living just as I am living."

Section V - This has been completed.

Section VI - Z. Kaauwai, sworn, I have seen this house lot in Lahaina, Maui. Kaeo had received this interest from Kaaimalolo, who had obtained it as an idle land in the year 1835, where Puaa had lived through Kaaimalolo. In the year 1834 or 1835 perhaps, Puaa died and his wife, Kamailohi, inherited his interest. In 1846 Kamailohi died and she had bequested to her brother, Hihio, and he is living there at the present time. Hihio has filed his interest as done for him by Mr. L. Lee.

Auwaa, sworn, Kaaimalolo owns all of that place, according to what I have heard and seen. Kamailohi lived under Kaaimalolo. I had seen the court hearing before Kekauluohi and Kaaimalolo had placed Hihio on this place under him because he was Hihio's guardian.

Later Kamailohi remarried to Ulunahele, then Kaaimalolo died in Hana. Hihio did not know about this. The bequest also was not known.

[Award 812; (Maui) R.P. 5563; Puaa Lahaina; 1 ap.; 1 Ac. 39 rods; (Oahu) R.P. 308; King St. Honolulu; 1 ap.; .49 Ac.]