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Claim Number: 00799
Claimant: Pio, wahine
Other claimant:Kaneulupo, opposes
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Richards St.
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No. 799, Pio
N.R. 438v2

To the Honorable Court of the Land Commissioners, Greetings and Peace: I, Pio, hereby tell of my claim for my house lot, which is makai of the lot of Pale, along the Government Road, makai end. This place was transferred from the Russian to me and my kane - that was the beginning of our occupancy of that place, until today.

The boundaries of that house lot are: beginning on the makai corner at a place along the Government Road makai, running to The northeast 15 fathoms and four inches, thence running to the southeast 9 fathoms and 5 feet and thence running to the southwest to a place which adjoins the lot of Kaihe, 13 fathoms and 2 feet. Makai of the Government Road running to the northwest to the place of beginning 7 fathoms and four feet. Those are the dimensions of the lot. Its diagram is below. This lot is bounded on the north by the Government Road going up to Beretania, on the east the lot of Pale, on the south the lot of Kaihe, on the west the Government Road which goes down, and the lot of Kaunu-ohui, those are all the sides. /See diagram/. [no diagram in this text]

My kane and I had a real right to this lot, and after his death I have lived here until this day. There is no one else with a right in this place, and there are people still living who know of my occupancy of this place and I also have some witnesses for that place.
This is what I have to tell your Honors,
I remain, humbly yours, with thanks.
Honolulu October 19, 1847

F.T. 231v2
No. 799, Pio (counter 201 Kanelupo) March 8 [1848]

Z. Kaauwai, sworn, I know this place and knew it when the fort was built. It is in Honolulu, bounded formerly by lands of Kaikioewa, but not is so altered I cannot state its bounds. In 1821 I went to this ground when the claimant was then living and saw her there. My parents lived contiguous to the spot, and I suppose I have a right to some part there, but I cannot find it out now. This woman has lived the ....

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.... .Pio's house was then rebuilt in the part left where Kanelupo's stood. Kanelupo was first in possession. (Kanelupo stated that Paki promised Pio another place for the one she lost by the new road, and he thought he had given it to her. Paki went to Kekuanaoa and got a place for Pio according to his promise, and offered it to her, but she refused it, saying "let me live & die quietly where I have been so long." Kanelupo added, she can live there as long as she pleases, as long as she does not claim the land.

N.T. 560v2
No. 799, Pio, March 8 [1848]

Kaauwai, sworn and stated, "I have seen this place when the fort was being built and it is in Honolulu here. I have not known its boundaries. It was for Kaikioewa at that time. In the year 1821 the chief had come to Oahu here and we came along, too. Foreigners were living there with Pio also. My parents began to live there and we all lived together. I had felt that place was mine because of the length of time my parents had lived there. Sometime later recently I realized I have no interest. I have not seen his house or the building of his enclosure."

See page 564

N.T. 564v2
No. 799, Pio, From page 560, March 10, [1848]

Kaihe, sworn and stated, "I have seen Pio's property; it is in Honolulu here.

The boundaries are:
Kahaiao's property, toward the mountain
Naopai's lot, Waikiki
Makai street, oceanside.

Pio had received it here in the heiau. It has been fenced and there are two houses in there, one of which is for Pio, the other for Kaneulupo. Sometime earlier Kaneulupo had lived there under Wahinemaikai. This property had been for Wahinemaikai by Kuakini's request of Pio. That had- been vacant land and Naauhau has inhabited it through Poki and he has lived in peace since that time. I have not known any other claimant. Kaneulupo has a house only there."

See page 560 and below.

[No. 799 not awarded]