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Claim Number: 11216*K
Claimant: Kekauonohi, Mikahela & A.K.
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Kauai
District: Halelea, Koolau, Puna
Ahupuaa: Waikoko, Wainiha, Waikalua 2, Kaakaaniu, Kealia, Namahana
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No. 11216*K, M. Kekauonohi and A. K. [Aarona Kealiiahonui]
N.R. 360v4

To the Land Commissioners, greetings: We hereby state our claims for land from Hawaii to Kauai, as follows:

Those of Mikahela Kauonohi:

Name of the Land:

Ahupua`a, District, Island
Waikalua 2 on west, Koolau, Kauai
Kaakaaniu, Koolau, Kauai
Namahana, Koolau, Kauai
Waikoko, Halelea, Kauai
Wainiha, Halelea, Kauai
Kealia, Puna, Kauai.

Makao, Ahupua'a, Koolau poko, Oahu
Honouliuli, Ahupua'a, Ewa, Oahu
Waimalu, west side, Ahupua'a, Ewa, Oahu

Moakea, Molokai
Makanalua, Ahupua'a, Molokai
Kapualei, Ahupua'a, Molokai
Naiwa, Ahupua'a, Molokai
Kumueli, Ahupua'a, Molokai
Awawaie, Ahupua'a , Molokai

Panaeua [Panaewa], Ahupua'a, Lahaina, Maui

Palawai, Ahupua'a, Lanai

Kapunakea, Ahupua'a, Lahaina, Maui
Puaa, Ahupua'a, Lahaina, Maui
1 Aki 2, Ahupua'a, Lahaina, Maui
2 Kuholilea 2.3. middle & west, Ahupua'a, Lahaina, Maui
Kukuiokaeo, Relinquished Claim, Ahupua'a, Kula, Maui
Palauea, Ahupua'a, Honuaula, Maui
Papaka, Ahupua'a, Honuaula, Maui
Keoneoio, Ahupua'a, Honuaula, Maui
Kaupo 19, Ahupua'a, Maui, The counting of Kaupo begins at Kipahulu
Wailamoa, Hana side, Kipahulu, Maui
Alaeanui, Ahupua'a, Maui
Haliimaile, Ahupua'a, Hamakua Poko, Maui
Honokawai, one 'ili there, Kaanapali, Maui

Kukuipahu, Ahupua'a, Kohala, Hawaii
Puuokumau, Ahupua'a, Kohala, Hawaii
Pahoa, Ahupua'a, Kohala, Hawaii
Kealahewa, Ahupua'a, Kohala, Hawaii
Puuepa, Ahupua'a, Kohala, Hawaii
Kanahonua, Ahupuaa, Hamakua, Hawaii
The Lauhulus, Ahupua'a, Hamakua, Hawaii
Hakalau, Ahupua'a, Hilo, Hawaii
Kalaoa, Ahupu'a, Hilo, Hawaii
Maumau, Ahupua'a, Hilo, Hawaii
Maulua, Ahupua'a, Hilo, Hawaii
Punahelu, Ahupua'a, Hilo, Hawaii
Kahuahooholo, Ahupua'a, Hilo, Hawaii
The Paanas 1.2, Ahupua'a, Hilo, Hawaii
Awawaloa, Ahupua'a, Hilo, Hawaii
The Kilaus, Ahupua'a, Hilo, Hawaii
Maonalulu, Ahupua'a, Hilo, Hawaii
Weloka, Ahupua'a, Hilo, Hawaii
Waiakahiula, Ahupua'a, Puna, Hawaii
Panau, Ahupua'a, Puna, Hawaii
Iliohae, Ahupua'a, Kau, Hawaii
Honaunau, Ahupua'a, Kona, Hawaii
Pahoehoe, Ahupua'a, Kona, Hawaii
Honokohau, Ahupua'a, Kona, Hawaii
Auhaukeae, Ahupua'a, Kona, Hawaii
Kalihi, Ahupua'a, Kona, Hawaii
Keopu, Ahupua'a, Kona, Hawaii

N.T. 334-336v10
No. 11216, Mikahela Kekauonohi, 20 December 1853

Waiakalua ahupuaa, Koolau, Kauai
Kaakaaniu ahupuaa, Koolau, Kauai
Namahana ahupuaa, Koolau, Kauai
Waikoko ahupuaa, Halelea, Kauai
Wainiha ahupuaa, Halelea, Kauai
Kealia ahupuaa, Puna, Kauai

Makao ahupuaa, Koolauloa, Oahu
Honouliuli ahupuaa, Ewa, Oahu
Waimalu west side ahupuaa, Ewa Oahu

Moakea ahupuaa, Kona, Molokai
Makanalua ahupuaa, Kona, Molokai
Kapualei ahupuaa, Kona, Molokai
Naiwai ahupuaa, Kona, Molokai
Kumueli ahupuaa, Kona, Molokai
Awaewaie ahupuaa, Kona, Molokai

Palawai ahupuaa, Kona, Lanai

Panaewa ahupuaa, Lahaina, Maui
Kapunakea ahupuaa, Lahaina, Maui
Puaa ahupuaa, Lahaina, Maui
1 Aki 2 ahupuaa, Lahaina, Maui
2 Kuholilea 2, 3 center and west ahupuaa, Lahaina renounce
Kukuiokaeo ahupuaa, Kula, Maui
Palanea ahupuaa, Honuaulu, Maui
Papaka ahupuaa, Honuaula, Maui
Keoneoio ahupuaa, Honuaulu, Maui
Wailamoa on Hana side ahupuaa, Kipahulu, Maui, 5 Sections
Kaupo 19 ahupuaa counting from Kipahulu, Kaupo, Maui
Alae nui ahupuaa, Kipahulu, Maui
Haliimaile ahupuaa, Hamakua Poko, Maui
Honokowai single ili there, Kaanapali, Maui

Kukuipahu ahupuaa, Kohala, Hawaii
Puuokumau ahupuaa, Kohala, Hawaii,

Renounced, Pahoa ahupuaa, Kohala, Hawaii
Kealahewa ahupuaa, Kohala, Hawaii ....

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.... iniha, should it roll on the other side, it shall be for Lumahai. My grandmother, Kanopio had indicated to me these boundaries as has been related and I have repeatedly heard of them since their death to the present time.

Kanohi, sworn, I was born at the time Kaumualii was with the government, I have seen the boundaries of Wainiha and Lumahai over which there is a dispute. Waialeale is mauka nd runs until Kahililoa, then coming back to Kapuuwahie, to Kalualepo or Kaluakukae and continuing to Makakiloia, finally reaching Kekuakahea. Kahulupue was Konohiki of Lumahai and Kamaholelani was chief. I have known from that time to the present that this land section over which there is a dispute, in that it belongs to Wainiha has been taxed. This had been a lele section for the ili of Wainiha named Kiilua, where there was taro and the sea and the tax for Wainiha has been high because there was a great amount of noni here. My father Kiko told me about these boundaries and I have remembered to this time. I am a Konohiki at present for the ili of Kiilua.

Kuiwaa, sworn, I was born during the time of Kaumualii here in Wainiha and I have seen the boundaries between Lumahai and Wainiha. Mauka is Waialeale and coming this way to Kahililoa, to Kapuuwahie, to Kalualepo or Kauakukae, from there to Kamakakiloia, running until Keakuakahea passing the rock on that side which is for Lumahai and passing on this side for Wainiha. I have known this disputed place has been taxed; that is the ili of Kiilua, I haven"t heard about this boundary but, I have actually seen it for having lived together with Kamaholelani. My parents are natives of this place and I have known the boundaries of the disputed land. I have heard from Kamaholelani that husband of Kekela, about the boundaries of this land. I have not heard that this boundary is for Lumahai.

Kamaka, sworn, I was born during the time of Kamehameha I, in Kohala, Hawaii. During the time of Liholiho we came to Kauai here in the role of a kahuna and landing on Huleia. Kaumualii came from Waimea and it was the kapu period when we arrived in Wailua. We were there until the kapu was lifted and it was there until the kapu again in Anahola to the heiau of Wainiha for which Kahulupue was the kahuna. He related that Waialeale is the boundary mauka and no land has reached Wainiha except Waialeale. Makakiloia is on the ocean side and there was no house upon our arrival there, I had not seen any more and we the kahunas of Kaili the god were told by Kahulupue that the heiau is the boundary of Wainiha.

Keaka (wahine), sworn, I was born in Kainaliu of Kona, Hawaii before the battle of Nuuanu. I came to Kauai here for the first time with by brother Kinopu and lived here in Wainiha, then Kalaimoku let us (two) have Wainiha. I had heard about Waialeale as the boundary and it was hearsay only about these boundaries as related by the witnesses. Living has been peaceful, only at this time I see there is a dispute.

Daniel Oleloa, sworn, after the battle of Wahiawa I became the over-all luna of Kauai and on my tour I noticed that all of the people on this side made their tributes on Wainiha here, it was the same for that side of this ridge, tributes were for Lumahai.

I do not know the true boundaries which would separate these lands, but I have known the tenants of these two lands well.

N.T. 447v10
No. 11216, M. Kekauonohi, (from page 335), 23 December 1854

K. Kalaikini, sworn, I have known M. Kekauonohi's land very well, which is lying in Honokowai ahupuaa of Kaanapali, Maui,

N.T. 454v10 [See Konia, No. 5524*K]

[Award 11216; (Kauai) R.P. 7165; Waikoko Halelea; 1 ap.; 476 Acs (ahupua`a); R.P. 7194; Wainiha Halelea; 1 ap.; (ahupua'a); no R.P. Waiakalua 2 Komohana Koolau; 1 ap.; R.P. 5680; Kealia Puna (Apana 6), 1 ap.; 6500 Acs; Namahana Puna; 3 ap.; See 5524 for dispute over Wainiha boundary; no R.P. Kaakaaniu Koolau]