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Claim Number: 00702
Claimant: Amara, John
Other claimant:
Other name: a.k.a. Jason, John
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Merchant & Maunakea Sts.
Statistics: 4737 characters 829 words
No. 702, John Amara, Honolulu, Oahu, August 3, 1847
N.R. 365v2

To the Land Commissioners of the Hawaiian Islands, Greetings: I hereby petition you for the claim on my house lot, which is here in Honolulu.

Paniani has this lot at this time - he had it from Lilinoe. This lot is along River Street and also adjoins the mauka side of Hotel Street.

M. Kekuanaoa gave me this place, with the knowledge of Kinau, when I was his blacksmith. He gave me many places, but because I have a small income at this time, therefore the place I fenced was small, the old fence was broken.

This place was mine until the Honolulu streets were made, when the lot was broken by the street, separating this place which I sold to Isaac, leaving the parcel on the south side of River Street.

The fence was broken by the street and a new fence was made by me and a small place of this lot was given to Kaeo ma.

M. Kekuanaoa said to me to give a place to Mikila but I refused and by this discussion of ours it was decided not to give it.

Afterwards he gave this place to Lilonoie and I was deprived of it; this was perhaps the year 1841.

I hereby petition you to act on this.
I am, with aloha, your obedient servant,

F.T. 183v2
Claim 702, John Jason, alias John Amara, February 9th [1848]

Louis Gravier, sworn, This place I know. It is bounded:

Mauka by Hotel Street
Ewa by Maunakea St.
Waititi I do not well know.
Mak ....

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.... s lot is toward the sea.

The place is enclosed and has two houses within (the lot), also a blacksmith. I have seen Amara live there in the year 1837 and I had heard that Kekuanaoa had given that land to Lilinoe, I think about four or five years ago. John Amara had owned this land formerly, now Lilinoe has a house built on it."

Kekuanaoa, sworn by the Bible and stated, "I have seen this land; it had been mine.

Maunakea street, mauka
Hotel street, toward the ocean
Kaluahinanui, Wai-kiki and
Kaeo Ehu's place is toward the sea.

That place was mine; I had built that house that is being used for blacksmith shop. I have not given this property to John Amara; however, I had given this place for him to live on for two, or perhaps three months in the year 1837 and that was the time I had given (it) to Lilinoe, then he built the enclosure. I feel that property is for him."

Kelemaka (Gravier) again stated, "I am not very sure about the length of the time, but I think John Jason's blacksmith shop was erected on that land in the year 1837. 1 think too he had lived there for two or probably three months."

John Mitchil, sworn by the Word of God and stated, "I have seen John Jason's property and his blacksmith shop which stood where the Kiaki? (blacksmith?) house stands now. I do not know (exactly) when John Amara had left this place, I think it had been before 1839. Lilinoe has built a house and the enclosure."

[No. 702 not awarded]