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Claim Number: 10613*K
Claimant: Paki, Abner
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Kauai
District: Halelea
Ahupuaa: Haena
Statistics: 10989 characters 1868 words
No. 10613*K, A[bner] Paki, Honolulu, 12 February 1848
N.R. 569-570v4

To the Land Commissioners, Greetings: As directed by the law, 1/2 of Pohakupu `Ili of Kailua, Koolaupoko Oahu, is /entered/ by Paki as representative of Kalaiopuu.

To the Land Commissioners, Greetings: As directed by the law, I hereby state publicly my claims for land as follows:

1. Haena Ahupua`a, Kauai.

2. Makaha Ahupua`a, Waianae, Oahu.
3. Hanaloa `Ili at Waipio, Ewa.
4. Waialae, Waikiki, Kekaha.
5. Heeia, Ahupua`a, Koolaupoko.

6. Puunau, Lahaina, Maui.

Those are the claims which I hereby state to you.

Honorable A. PAKI, Head of the Treasury
Aigupita /Egypt/, February 12, 1848

To the Land Commissioners, Greeetings: As directed by the law, I hereby state my claims of cultivation:

7. 9 lo`i, at Kawananakoa, from J. Piikoi.
8. 22 lo`i at Kapohuluhulu, from Uhuuhu.
9. 4 lo`i at Kaliu, from Aweluaole.
10. 2 lo`i, 1 kula at Apowale, from Kamauuai.
11. 2 lo`i, 2 kula at Kapohuluhulu, from M. Kekuanaoa.
12. 1 pauku /section/ of land at Laimi, from M. Kekuanaoa.
13. 2 lo`i at Kalawahine, from M. Kekuanaoa.

Those are the claims of cultivation.
Aigubita, 12 February 1848

N.T. 239v10
No. 10613, A. Paki, 28 June 1853

A. Paki's lands in the Mahele Registry.

Heeia ahupua`a, Koolaupoko
Waialae ili for Waikiki, Kona, Oahu.
Hanaloa ili for Waipio, Ewa, Oahu.
Makaha ahupuaa, Waianae, Oahu.
Kaena ahupuaa, Halelea, Kauai [Haena]
Puunau ahupuaa, Lahaina, Maui.

Page 372

N.T. 372-373v10
No. 10613, A. Paki (Oahu), Testimony on the boundary between the ili of Kamaile and the ahupuaa of "Makaha," from page 239 (Disputed by the King)

Molea, sworn, says he knows the land in dispute between the King, as owner of Kamaile, and A. Paki, that owner of Makaha.

I am a kamaaina of Waianae. The boundary of the ili of Kamaile commences on the sea shore at a place called "Kawaiki," and runs mauka to a place called "Kumanomano," thence along the lower side of the kula of Kawaihae to a place called Puea near some prickly pears, there to a stream and a stone wall to an old Kumuwai, then running down makai along the line of "Waianae" to the sea.

On the kula land there is growing a great quantity of Mao, a plant used in making kapa, and it is said that anciently the King owned all the land on which this plan grows, which is the land in dispute. The King's Luna ....

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.... been no objection to the border I've seen. Only now I see there is a dispute over these boundaries.

Kaukapawa, sworn, Kaae is the boundary makai, then it runs this way to Hanaimaa, then to Kainamanu and on until Puuiki to Kapalikalahale. I had heard from my parents. I have lived there since the time of Kaeo and I am a true native for this land.

Hinakahee is a celebrated place and the true boundary on the makai side is "Kaeo" or Kapaenui. I have heard from my parents that the boundary of Haena which is Kanakahee was given for Wainiha.

A dispute over the boundary between Lumahai and Waikoko

Kekela, sworn, I have seen the boundary between Lumahai and Waikoko. "Kahalahala" is the boundary along the beach separating Lumahai and Waikoko and from there it runs to the top of the Ka manu peak.

I have known this boundary since the time of Kaumualii to the present day.

N.T. 454v10
[No. 10613]

DECISION: The statements of the witnesses for the dispute between M. Kekauonohi (for L. Haalelea) and A. Paki over the boundary between Wainiha and Haena on the island of Kauai have been examined. There are hearsay reports only, therefore there is obscurity, but here is an assurance. The disputed land shall be divided by splitting the two sections into thirds, that is by having Haena's large area on the makai and small on the mauka directions; Wainiha shall be large on the mauka and small on the makai and this should be the fair boundary in order to end the dispute.

DECISION: According to the statements of the witnesses for the dispute between M. Kekauonohi (for L. Haalelea) and Konia for the boundary between Wainiha and Lumahai, living and taxed of the tenants there have been for the lunas of Wainiha till the present time; therefore, that boundary has come to be for Wainiha and not for Lumahai at all.

DECISION: The boundary which separates Lumahai, land of Konia and Waikoko land of Kekauonohi (No. L. Haalelea) is the place close to the beach called "Kahalahala."

[Award 10613; (Kauai) R.P. 3596; Haena Halelea; 1 ap.; Ahupua`a; (Oahu) R.P. 707; Kawaiolena Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; 5.88 Acs; R.P. 706 & 707; Laimi Kona; 1 ap.; 6.16 Acs; R.P. 706; Niolopa Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; 6.76 Acs; R.P. 6840; Poohuluhulu Honolulu Kona; 2 ap.; 2.4 Acs; R.P. 5567 & 5569; Pualoalo Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .12 Ac.; R.P. 708; Kalawahine Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .43 Ac.; R.P. 3578 & 8188; Waialaeiki Kona; 2 ap.; 1608.2 Acs; R.P. 2242; Hanaloa Waipio Ewa; 3 ap.; 350 Acs; R.P. 1664; Heeia Koolaupoko; 1 ap.; (ahupua`a, Apana 1); R.P. 2243; Laulauwae Makaha Waianae; 1 ap.; (no amount noted)]