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Claim Number: 00636
Claimant: Aiona
Other claimant:Davis, Harriet, opposes
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Statistics: 7327 characters 1204 words
[No. 636, Aiona], claims No. 636 to 642
F.R. 99v2

Native Register, volume 2

N.R. 304v2
No. 636, Aiona

Oahu, Honolulu, in the month of June 21 in the year of our Lord 1843.
Hear ye, Umeume and Aiona, I hereby give you the lot. It is conveyed absolutely to you, and Halieka /Harriet/.
Here is my name, Halaki Homa /Charlotte Holmes/
Here is the name of Halieka Hameka /Harriet Hammatt?/

Take care of this document. William Richards: I hereby enter my claim for my house lot in Honolulu, which was given my property by Halaki Homa /Charlotte Holmes/. If you wish to see the document by which this lot was given me, Akana has it.

If the Commissioners want to survey and send some men, that Chinese person will show the surveyor the dimensions.
I am, with thanks,
Lahaina, 8 July 1847

F.T. 201-203v2
Claim 636, Aiona (Counter 189, R.G. Davies, February 21 [1848]

Ma, sworn, This place is in Honolulu, bounded:

Makai & Ewa by R.G. Davies' land
Mauka by Dr. Woods
Waititi by Samuel Thompson's & Kaunuohua's.

It was formerly fenced; In 1847 Mr. Davies removed the wall & turned the people out. Claimant's people occupied it to that time from 1841. He got his right from Kalakai, the mother of Mrs. Davies, who gave Umiumi, wife of claimant, a title to it, without purchase from friendship. Aiona built the adobie ....

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.... ves?) for $350 or probably $400 and that Hamett and his stewards have lived there. I had also lived there.

When Hamett was leaving for Tahiti he left a bequest with me that Kalaki and her daughter be cared for, also that Kalaki be provided with a lot to live on and that the daughter may have this same privilege. I have not heard that anyone has objected to them. I had seen on one of my visits some people there building a house and I had asked Kalaki, "For whom is that house?" "For Umeume, a house for her to live in when she comes over from Maui," Kalaki had answered.

In the year 1843 1 had heard Aiona ask Kalaki for a certification in writing to Lord G. Paulet that that property has been possessed by Umeume."

Aa was sworn by the Bible and stated, (I) have heard the conversation between Umeume and Aiona in Lahaina. Aiona said to Umeume, "Sell that property for all of that money and when the proceeds of that property is received, then it shall be for Kalieka. Umeume said, "It would be best not to sell it, do not touch my place."

She had withheld (the sale) thinking the place was for Kahika when Aiona again had said to her "Sell it and take the money to Kalieka. This Umeume had absolutely refused to do. That was the end of what I had heard. I did not hear Umeume's bequest for that place because I was gone and she died later.

[No. 636 not awarded; See Award 189]