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Claim Number: 00014
Claimant: Kalama, Kailio, wahine
Other claimant:Hawaiian Government
Other name: Kailio
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Fort St.
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Cl. 14, Kalama, claimant
F.R. 33v1

Entered in Native Register Page 23

One document signed by Kalama

[Margin note: Presented 10 o'clock p.m., 12th March 1846]

N.R. 23-24v1
No. 14, Kalama

I, Kalama, petition for my house lot. I have lived on this claim from 1816 to 1846 and on the 9th of March I lost it, and therefore I am telling those of you in the government who help those in difficulties such as mine. It is my thought that when you hear, you will do something from me.

F.R. 50v1
No. 14, Kailio [David Davis see below]

Greetings to the Land Commissioners: I, D. Kailio, the heir of my grandfather, deceased, am prepared to bring the work on my land claim which you commanded me to do.
Farewell and thanks,

F.T. 19v1
Claim No. 14, Kalama, April 22 [1846]

Kaulanaula, sworn deposed, I know the claimant's uncle to live in the place which she claims near the fort from the time the fort was built. A little before Governor Adams took charge of the Fort, her uncle died, and the building spot fell to her father, as her uncle's heir; where he lived till his death; he died a little before Kinau. After his death, his wife continued to live there; she remained there till June of last year. Claimant lived on the premises during the lifetime of her uncle; and has always continued to live there till a very little while since, when I heard she was driven away by Kekuanaoa. Upon witness being enquired of whom was the heir of claimant's father, he replied you must enquire of claimant, witness did not know. Witness was asked how the uncle of claimant obtained his rights. He replied in consequence of his being an important man, connected with the Fort. Witness says claimant's father held the same connection with the Fort as her uncle previously did.

The claimant made no claim to the land, but claimed only the right of tenancy; her brother is the real owner, Kailio alias David Davis

Resumed, Page 33

F.T. 33-34v1
Claim No. 14, Kalama (resumed from page 19, June 16 [1846]

Kaaaka, witness, sworn deposed, the time the Russians were here Karaimoku gave that place to Kalama's uncle, Kahiemoe. Karaimoku gave him that place to live in and when Pitt left this place he went to Hawaii and left Boki as Governor here. Kahiamoe went up with them, and left this place with his brother, Holokualani. Holokualani stopped in this place till he died; and no one interfered with him; and when Holokualani died, the place fell in Kailio's hands. When Holokualani died Kailio did not live in it, until Governor Adams took charge of the fort. When Governor Adams came, he called all his own people and Kailio among them, to come & live with him; and Kailio stopped from that time till he died in that yard. When the elder Kailio died, the place fell into the hands of David Davis.

Hua, witness, sworn deposed, that the foundation of Kekuanaoa's claim to the land was from Karai ....

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.... e claim of J. Dudoit is postponed to the 9th day of June, which is a Tuesday.
Kalama No. 14 is postponed to June 9th, which is a Tuesday
Keaniani No. 28 is postponed to June 9th, which is a Tuesday.
G. Kauwaina is postponed to June 10th. The land officers had forgotten about it and did not come (here). Pages 53 & 54

N.T. 51v1
Office of the Board of Commissioners Who Quiet Land Titles, Kauwila House, June 9th, 1846

It was approved on this date that the commissioners will pay J. H. Smith a salary of $450.00 for the year and a payment of the house of $108.00, totalinq $558.00 as his salary.

It was approved that Kapae will be the officer to receive testimonies on Kailua, Hawaii and P. Kanoa on Kauai.

Kalama No. 14 was postponed to 16th day.
Kahoowaka No. 30 to the 16th day. Page 61
Keaniani No. 28 to the 16th day. Page 59

No. 14, Kailio, from page 24 [26]

Kaaka sworn to testify:
Question: Where did Kalama get his interest in that property?
Kaaka: From the father.
Question: Where did the father get his claim?
Kaaka: At the time the Russians arrived. He lived then and the construction of the fort started and was completed.
Question: Is that the time his rights started?
Kaaka: Yes.
Question: Where did he get it?
Kaaka: From his (older) brother Kahiamoe.
Question: From whom was Kahiamoe's (property)?
Kaaka: Kalaimoku gave it (to him).
Question: What was he to do with this place that was given to him?
Kaaka: A place on which to live. Kahiamoe lived well until Kalaimoku returned to Hawaii and Kahimoe went also with Kalaimoku.

Kalaimoku gave the fort to Poki and Kahiamoe gave his property to his younger brother Holokualani and he (Holokualani) lived there until his death.

Question: No one had objected?
Kaaka: No.
Question: When he died? Who was his heir?
Kaaka: Kailio, who lived there to the time the fort was acquired by Kuakini.
Liliha and Paki [sic] opened it and Kuakini came with his subjects to live together. Some of the people lived within the fort and Kailio lived there also till he died. Kailio granted that property to Kailio son of KaahanaDilo and that is all I know (about it).

Claim of Matthew Kekuanaoa

Hua sworn and questioned:
Question: What is Kekuanaoa's claim there?
Hua: Kalaimoku is a cousin and when he returned to Hawaii, Poki an older cousin received the property. We as the subjects together with Kalama's parents lived on those claims as people selected for the fort. Later it was acquired by Aikanaka and Kahalaia, (they threw all of the keuwouwo (species of Lehua plant) out and to the mountains?) Kinau acquired the property after Kuakini and M. Kekuanaoa now has it since Kinau's death all lands close to a fort are acquired whenever one (fort) is claimed.

[Award 14; R.P. 1284; Fort St. Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .17 Ac. for Kailio V. Kamamalu; Listed in Awardee index as award to Hawaiian Government 1 ap. .52 Ac.]