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Claim Number: 00011
Claimant: Johnstone, Rebecca M.
Other claimant:Government
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Maemae
Statistics: 7001 characters 1154 words
No. 11, Rebecca M. Johnstone, claimant.
F.R. 31-33v1

J. Gerritt P. Judd, Minister of the Interior, hereby lease a certain piece of ground together with the buildings and other improvements thereon, situated at Nuuanu and bounded as follows:

[margin note: Presented 2 o'clock P.M. 10 March]
Commencing at the western corner of a stone fence between this lot and a lot leased by the Reverend Lowell Smith, running from thence,
South 55° East 226 1/2 feet along said lot of Reverend L. Smith to the land of James Robinson, thence running
North 30° East 252 feet along the land of James Robinson, to land owned by natives; thence running
North 62° West 83 feet along said land of natives; thence running
South 60° West 45 1/2 feet to the rear of Mrs. Johnstone's cookhouse; thence running
North 35° West 71 feet along the lands of natives to the northern corner of the stone fence; thence running
South 40° West 217 1/2 feet to the place of beginning, comprising an area of [left blank].

[margin note: this document and bill of sale signed Edwin O. Hall, returned to the claimant with her copy of award, 26 May 1847, J.H.Smith, secretary]

To Mrs. Rebecca Johnstone, wife of Mr. Andrew Johnstone, to be used and employed by her or her heirs and assigns for thirty years from this date upon the following conditions, viz.:

She is not to manufacture or sell any ardent spirits upon the said land, and she is to pay to the said G.P. Judd or his successors in office, the sum of eight hundred dollars together with interest as follows:, viz.; on the 1st day of January 1846, two hundred dollars, on the 1st day of January 1847 two hundred dollars, with interest at one percent per month from the date of this lease. On the 1st day of January 1848, two hundred dollars, with interest as above, and on the 1st day of January 1849, the remaining two hundred dollars with interest as before mentioned, as full rent for said land, and when this lease is fully expired, she is to restore the said land, together with all the buildings, enclosures and improvements therein to the Hawaiian Government, the owners of the land. In testimony of our mutual assent to the above terms, we bind ourselves and our heirs or assigns to the fulfilment of the same and hereunto set ....

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.... R. Johnston, Office of the Board of Commissioners
To Quiet Land Titles, Kauwila House, April 15, 1846
[should be number 11]

G. P. Judd sworn in and testified:

This property of Mr. Kila and P.A.B. (Brinsmade?) and Mr. Hall is upland at Nuuanu just toward the mountain at L. Smith's place. Kinau had given it to a certain king of Hawaii, and in the month of November last, E.0.

Hall offered land to the kingdom in the Hawaiian archipelago because he was afraid to contract sales with the haoles, so I, G. P. Judd, bought for $600.00, therefore received from them, all of their interests to that place, (and thus the land was awarded to me for the kingdom. I then chartered with Johnston for $800.00 gaininq a profit of $200.00.

M. Kekuanaoa sworn:
Question: For whom is this property?
M. Kekuanaoa: For Kamehameha.
Question: Who gave it to Mr. Kila ma (plural)?
M. Kekuanaoa: Kinau did but the property was for Kauikeaouli. They said it was a place for him (Kauikeaouli) to rest when he made trips inland, thus Kinau granted this land. At that time, the land being to the ruler but then there was that worthless man named Kaiako who held Konohiki rights from the King himself. When Kaiako, a Konohiki as a tailor for the chief died, Kinau asked me to recover that property.

Question: What is Kinau's rights?
M. Kekuanaoa: The chief is the authority.
Question: What is Kinau's rights at the present time?
M. Kekuanaoa: No rights to that place granted to Mr. Hall but to some other place because this is a house lot; however, the time grant of the property shall be to Kinau's heirs.
Question: Is the inheritance of that land with her at this time?
M. Kekuanaoa: It is with me but Kinimaka is the man.
Question: Was anyone at the place that Mr. Hall returned to the kingdom?
M. Kekuanaoa: Anyone or not, don't know.
Question: No one ask for that place?
M. Kekuanaoa: No, because there are only dry pastures (kula).

[Award 11; R.P. 763; Maemae Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; 1.7 Acs; Supposedly Rebecca Johnstone gets a grant and the Government gets Award 11; Numerical index does not list Rebecca Johnstone, but the Awardee index does; Royal Patent lists Hapule as patentee for 763 in Halawa Molokai; no RPs or LGs to Johnstone]