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Claim Number: 09280
Claimant: Kawainui, Samuela
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Kauai
District: Halelea
Ahupuaa: Hanalei, Waioli
Ili: Hanalei, Kumuulu, Kaopai, Koele, Ahau
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No. 9280, S. Kawainui
N.R. 448-449v9


Greetings to you: I, a subject on the island of Kauai, hereby state my claim for land /which has been held/ from 1840 until this day on which it is stated to you, the Commissioners of the King of the Hawaiian Islands. Diagram 1 is 56 fathoms by 21 fathoms. Diagram 2 is 18 fathoms by 15 fathoms. Diagram 3 is 30 fathoms by 21 fathoms. Diagram 4 is 24 fathoms by 12 fathoms. Diagram 5 is 48 fathoms by 33 fathoms, and 41 fathoms is the length of another side, and 33 fathoms is the length of the other side of this Diagram 5, which is a kula. These lands which are at Waioli, were received from Daniela Oleloa.

F.T. 17-18v12
No. 9280, Solomona Kawainui, Claimant
No. 4025

Kaleikini, sworn, says I know the lands of Solomona in Hanalei & Waioli. They consist of six pieces:

No. 1 is a house lot in Hanalei.
No. 2 is some kula in Waioli.
No. 3 is a loi in Waioli called "Kumuulu."
No. 4 is a loi in Waioli called "Kaopai."
No. 5 is a loi in Waioli called "Koele."
No. 6 is a dry loi & some kula adjoining in Waioli.

No. 1 is bounded:
Mauka by kula of Hanalei
Napali by Makale's house lot
Makai by road on sea beach
Koolau by kula of Hanalei.

No. 2 is bou ....

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.... - House lot
Mauka by Konohiki pasture
Napali by Mahale's pa
Makai by Government pasture
Koolau by Konohiki pasture.

Section 2
Mauka by Waioli pasture
Napali by Pipiwai's pasture land
Makai by Waioli river
Koolau by Government kula.

Section 3 - Kumuulu loi in Waioli
Mauka by Puhaunui, Nuku's loi
Napali by Government pasture
Makai by Government loi
Koolau under Ioane loi.

Section 4 Kaopae loi in Waioli.
Mauka by Kuhimana loi
Napali by Waioli ditch
Makai by Luka, a loi [Luha]
Koolau Makaha's land.

Section 5 - Kaele, a loi.
Mauka by Under Nahau, several lois
Napali by Ahau, Nawaioni's loi
Makai by Nailiili's loi
Koolau by Kapela's land.

Section 6 - A loi below and the kula.
Mauka by Nawaioni loi/Kahookane kula
Napali by Government kula
Makai by Waioli river
Koolau by Kokokaia land.

Lands from S. Kawainui during the time of D. Papohaku. Section 4 was from Mareko, the loi Kaeli [sic] was from William, title clear.

Nuku, sworn, he has known in the same way as Kaleikini has related, no disputes.

[Award 9280; R.P. 5042; Hanalei Halelea; 1 ap.; 1 Ac; Waioli Halelea; 4 ap.; 2 Acs 32 rods; Ahau Waioli; 1 ap.; 1 rood 26 rods; See also 4025]