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Claim Number: 08862
Claimant: Kamakea
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Kula
Ahupuaa: Pulehu, Kamehame, Kealahou
Ili: Haleokane, Kaluanui, Kalihi, Kukuiokapiko, Poolapehu, Kaupupololu
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No. 8862, Kamakea, Kula, 27 January 1848
N.R. 485v6

Greetings to the Land Commissioners: I hereby state my claims for land at Pulehunui Ahupua`a, of Kula, Maui. I received my land from Keaweamahi - this is my own place.

An `Ili of Puehuehunui, named Kaluanui, is my own `ili. It is bounded on the east by Ululaau, one the west by Kaniho's land, on the north by D. Kapono's land, on the south by a valley of taro.

I have three claims at Haleokane. At Kukuiwewene is one /claim/. One mala of Irish potatoes was from Keapu. That is all, there.

At Pulehuiki I have this place - Makiki, with three mala of Irish potatoes, received from Kelehua. At Kealahou Three I have these cultivated places - at the ho`oilo* of Koolapelu /Kaloapelu?/, are three, at the house of Kahalau, on the north, are two old potato mala which I have there. At Kealahou Four I have this place, Oaipuaa. My land was from Kana.

/* No data, but believed to be a winter planting ground./

F.T. 180-181v6
Cl. 8862, Kamakea, Kalepolepo, August 6th 1849

Kapono, sworn, The claimant's lands ar ....

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.... hu, Kealahou ahupuaa.
Section 7 - ili pasture Kaopupololu, Kealahou ahupuaa.

Sections 1, 2, 5, 6, 7 from Keaweamahi in 1838. Section 3 from Kealia in 1838. Section 4 from Naihe at the time of Kamehameha I, 1 poalima in this section.

Section 1:
Mauka by Government land
Makawao by Kapono
Makai by Poonui
Honuaula by Kanho/Hoeu.

Section 2:
Mauka by Government land
Makawao by Kaniho
Makai by Hoeu
Honuaula by Pulehu stream.

Section 3:
Mauka by Government land
Makawao by Kuapuu
Makai by Helehua
Honuaula by Pulehu stream.

Section 4:
Mauka by konohiki
Makawao by Kealahou stream
Makai by konohiki
Honuaula by Kamehame stream.

Section 5:
Mauka by konohiki
Makawao by Kamehame stream
Makai by Government land
Honuaula by Kealahou ahupuaa.

Section 6:
Mauka by Naipuala
Makawao, Makai, Honuaula by konohiki.

Section 7:
Mauka by Kahalau
Makawao by Naipuala
Makai by Pii
Honuaula by konohiki.

No one has objected to Kamakea.

[No. 8862 not awarded]