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Claim Number: 08629
Claimant: Kaapa
Other claimant:Ake, father, Kimo,dependent
Other name:
Island: Hawaii
District: Hilo
Ahupuaa: Puueo,Kalaoa
Ili: Koulou, Ulumala, Kulueu
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No. 8629, Kaapa, Punahoa, Hilo, February 8, 1848
N.R. 704-705v8

Greetings to the Land Commissioners: I hereby state the basis of my claim in these ilis of land as follows: At the time when Kamehameha 2 was born, /his mother/ returned to Kalaoa to give birth, and she bore him there, and sailed for Oahu. My makuakane stayed there to care for the tapa, and the cord which tied the navel cord.* Those ilis of land became his at the time he was staying there to care for these things. When my makuakane died they became mine, and I lived there /by permission of/ Nahienaena, and on her death I lived there /by permission of/ the King. That is the statement to you. The witnesses, who are in Lahaina, are Kanae, D. Malo and Pahia; those are the witnesses who are living.

*Translator's note: An extremely important position of trust, to guard against the possibility of sorcery or other mishap.

F.T. 5v5
No. 2228, Kaapa, In regard to land at Hilo paliku
No. 8629, See page 80

Halaki, sworn deposed, that he knows the land claimed by Kaapa to be on the ahupuaa Kalaua, and to consist of 2 Ilis called Ulumalu and Kuluou. It is not clear to me that these 2 Ilis belonged in right to Hoaku (Kaapa's father) neither do I know how much he cultivated them. I only know that such are the names of the land of Kaapa's father. At this time I do not know how much he has cultivated but I know that Kaapua has owned it under since the birth of Kamehameha 2.

F.T ....

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Testimony in reference to the kuleana of Kaupa on Puueo

Lo, Mr. Pitman, a konohiki on Puueo, sworn says, Kaapa & his wife have had the rightful possession & ownership other kuleana this day measured by F.S. Lyman in his presence from the decease of her parents, who had held it for a long course of years, from their ancestors down. In the year 1848 he understood that it had been applied for to the Land Commission either by Kaapa or by some person in his behalf, perhaps by Komo.

He believes it was applied for, though he never saw the application, is sure that the right in Kaapa & his wife & that their right has never been disputed by any person.

Kaaiaumoku Waikuaala & Mela, being sworn, stated severally that they were well acquainted with this kuleana & that to the best of their knowledge & belief the testimony of Lo is correct, though they were not present as was Lo, to see the survey made.

Mr. Robertson
Dear Sir,
The preceding is the amount of the testimony in the case. Multitudes were ready to testify to the same things & there were none to offer counter-testimony. There seems to be an impression that Kaupa & Kimo, his dependent, made out the application, but in whose name they know not. Kimo is supposed to have fallen a victim to the smallpox at Oahu.
Your truly, D.B. Lyman

[Award 8629; R.P. 5542, Kalaoa Hilo; 1 ap.; 19.518 Acs; Kalaoa Hilo; 1 ap.; 5.68 Acs; R.P. 7780, Puueo Hilo; 1 ap.; .57 Ac.; See also Award 2228]