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Claim Number: 00008!-2
Claimant: Keomailani
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Kikihale
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No. 8!-2, The Deed of Keomailani to Kaopuiki
N.T. 28-31v1

[should be No. 3]

Kulanui, Wailuku
(High School)
February 13, 1846

The Kulanakauhale (village, house site city).

Here is my opinion to you if you have lived in (on) a Kulana-kauhale and should there be any problem, a hearing is the proper thing. No one can just take or sell that property because we (two) the heirs have not died. This is a deeded property to us and from us to our descendants. I feel (that) the only way you (people) can have and hold and not lose is to seek the right thing. If you (plural) agree to my idea, we will all profit together.

Here again is this - I am forbidding this Kulanakauhale to be had by sale, nor by sale in small sections. I approve that you go and have a hearing with the learned people and tell them that I am still living. It would he a very surprising thing if that property was taken while we (two) are yet alive. However, my advice is for you to talk with Kaula (?) about this thing. Another thing is should the property remain with us when you claim it, you (plural) pay the cost for it and for everything within the property. That is the end of that.

Yes, it is most unprofitable to leave a land idle without cultivation and planting is something I would encourage you to do.

Do not live idly; do not only sleep at home for that is why there is much famine in Honolulu (and) that is one reason for frequent deaths Later (you) explain to me on loss and no loss. Only now I realize that property is a ....

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.... d lived together with our grandfather, therefore we give you this undertaking. I am not able to do it because I am confined to school seeking the right and the knowledge.

I am saying that it is not right for that son of yours to go to be held by Lyman (Laimana) at Hilo.

I say, also that my statements and your documents perhaps should stir much thought by the officers about these titles which would be good and just as we request of you. It is for you to do all of these things which are ready for our parents and if you feel to ask someone to be your assistant, this would be in accordance with our request. (There is) only one big thought by the (two) interest holders. The officers may crowd us out perhaps, or love us as children, of parents who are dead and they should think of you. Let us know the result of your work as we have requested of you.

My own hand has written this with great hurry, thus the bad (writing).

Your loving niece,
Mileka Keomailani

Here is something else our father told us, which is about the heir of Kuihelani. To Keoua was the first grant, during the time Kuihelani took him to Kamehameha. We were told that the king and his parents had heard this (also were) Hanau should have been on Oahu' It was she who heard the awarding of everything and the heir (of the award). Is Hanau dead? Let me know if she has died.

Kuihelani had no will at the time of his death. The awarding had already been done.

M. Keomailani

[No. 8 wrong number for Keomailani; See Award 3]